8 Signs Your Body Is Telling You Something Is Wrong!

Our body helps us be who we are. It is the engine that drives our entire appearance and well being. However, it often sends out stress signals that can help us decide if it is under any undue stress or any other health-related issue.

It is important to identify these early signs early to nip the evil in the bud itself. The more these issues are allowed to expand, the more havoc they may create in times to come. Let’s get started with eight of the ones that are easiest to identify.

8 signs your body is telling you that something is wrong

It may start as a skin rash, a minor redness, a harmless swelling, or just some fever and most people do not even mind it at first. It could be an infection caused by termite or bacteria or perhaps an allergen. Some people keep on ignoring it unless it can’t be ignored and that’s when the trouble starts.

Here’s how you can take your guard against some of the most obvious signs that your body is trying to tell you. The key is, again, to hear and understand these early warning systems.

Skin rash

Skin rash

The easiest of occurrences could be skin rashes. They may develop into an itchy and red patch on your skin with blisters. A dermatologist might diagnose the issue as the Celiac Disease, a chronic digestive disorder that makes us allergic to gluten and affects our intestines.

A metallic taste in your mouth

If you are experiencing a metallic taste in your mouth, you could be suffering from kidney disorder called Uremia. This results from an increased concentration of urea in your kidney. As a safe measure, you should switch to drinking more water and fruit juices.

A grey ring in your eye

This is an easy sign to know if you are suffering from high levels of bad cholesterol. It also means that you need to cut down on your food intake- and stop taking fatty food items altogether. Your online wellness expert may advise you to go for green vegetables too.

A sudden habit of eating too much of sweets or salty foods

A sudden habit of eating too much of sweets or salty foods

You would perhaps argue over this with us but it is a fact that any abrupt increase in your food habits is not a good sign. Going for too many salty foods could be a sign of adrenal deficiency while consuming too many sugary foods could be linked to diabetes.

Your hair keeps breaking, falling and/or thinning

What your body is trying to tell you with a constant hair fall is that you have a deficiency of Iron. You may gauge the deficiency level with the quantity of the hair that is falling every day. You are facing this issue because iron is responsible for carrying blood and oxygen to your scalp.

Sudden anger

Bipolar Disorder or Intermittent Explosive Disorder could be the culprit here. If you are experiencing sudden mood swings or bouts anger, you should consult a mental therapist online. This would save you some time that you would spend cursing others in a traffic jam.

You feel colder around others, all the time

You feel colder around others, all the time

There is nothing wrong with being sensitive to a cold environment. But if you are sitting in a room with your friends and they are all normal while you are freezing to death, it is time to call up your doctor. If the situation is worsening in the night, you could be suffering from an underactive thyroid.


This time, your body is not telling you but shouting to you that you’re on the road to cardiovascular diseases. You may go ahead with a medical checkup of your carotid arteries to see if they are thickening. Left untreated, this may even lead to a heart attack!

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Listen carefully while your body is telling you something is wrong!

Get started with an Online Wellness Expert target today

Get started with an Online Wellness Expert today

Before it is too late.

Your hair keeps breaking, falling and/or thinning

Human bodies are not accustomed to withstand prolonged exposure to physical or mental strain. They would buckle down under pressure someday, thus leaving it just a matter of time. As a smart person, our job is to read and understand those signs and to resolve the underlying causes quickly.

Going for an on-demand virtual consultation with a Wellness Expert is a welcome step. It would help you understand the reasons and their cure promptly. With every second that you save in resolving your health issue, you gain a second in helping yourself get better faster.

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