What Vedic Gurus and Fitness Pros Say about Yoga?

Yoga is an evolved and cumulative form of physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual practices that help one to unify various identities of one’s existence. Originated 5000 years ago in ancient India, it finds regular mentions in Hindu, Jainism, and Buddhist religious texts.

The word ‘Yoga’ means to join harmoniously. It endows its faithful disciple with a truckload of benefits related to physical and metaphysical domains. Over the last two hundred years, this superior meditation technique has spread to all parts of the world and people are benefiting from it.

Different Forms of Yoga

Meditation is a holistic process of training one’s mind to be self-aware and to enter a pronounced state of emotional calmness. This is of tremendous value in the current times as most of us are living in a fast-paced environment with little to no attention to our spiritual development.

There are six types of meditations, as enunciated by Yoga. They are as follows:

There are six types of meditations, as enunciated by Yoga. They are as follows
  • Movement Meditation

    • Focused Meditation

  • Mindfulness Meditation

  • Mantra Meditation

  • Transcendental Meditation

  • Spiritual Meditation

Each of these is a goal that a successful yoga session (or even a simple yoga asana) aims to accomplish. This, or any other form of meditation (like Zen), always has a soothing and calming effect on the disciple's psyche. It slows them and helps them enter a blissful state of calmness and self-awareness.

PS: It would be advisable to start with a proper Yoga Mat for the best results.

Benefits of Yoga (and Other Forms of Meditation like Zen)

Benefits of Yoga (and other forms of meditation like Zen)

As a 2000-year-old meditation practice, it comes with life-changing advantages

Here are 24 top benefits of doing yoga regularly:

1. Flexibility1. Flexibility

2. Higher levels of energy

3. Improved respiratory and nervous systems

4. Better cardio and circulatory systems

5. Improves your IQ

6. Regulates your sleep patterns

7. Improves body posture

8. Protects your body from sudden injuries

9. Helps you enjoy your time

10. Better appetite and thirst

Better appetite and thirst

11. Calms you down

12. Better self-esteem and resilience

13. Acts like a natural pain killer

14. May even keep you off drugs, alcohol, and substance abuse

15. Boosts immunity

16. Strengthens your adrenal and thyroid glands

17. Improved physical, mental, and emotional resilience

18. Improves your concentration and encourages you to do better

19. Reduces stresses over a longer period of time

20. Improves muscular strength

21. Regulates blood pressure and blood sugar levels

22. You sleep deeper and better

You sleep deeper and better

23. Helps you fight against allergies

24. Improves your relationship with your near and dear ones

25. Controls negative emotions

Here Is What Vedic Gurus and Fitness Pros Say about Yoga

Yoga is going online in 2020+

As a five-thousand-year-old practice, Yoga is one of the most significant elements of traditional Hindu culture. This classic meditation technique has found several million takers around the world and its acceptance is growing at a rapid rate every day.

A noted online Yoga expert, Swami Anand, remarks that he has been a veteran for twenty years now and Yoga has never failed him, not even once. He smilingly says that he still finds it an absolute pleasure to wake up at 4 am and go about his usual business of aligning his physical and mental forces through meditation. This schedule has now become his second nature.

A reputed on-demand online fitness professional, Steve Rogers, remarks that while Yoga is not exactly his department but he pursues it nevertheless. He had switched to meditation only a few years back and he has been very satisfied with the results so far. He even starts his virtual fitness training sessions after doing some yoga at home.

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One of my ex personal trainers too was an avid fan of this meditation technique. He too used to believe that Yoga and Zen together endow us with capabilities that are way beyond the comprehension of the most part. The same effect is visible in the way we live our lives and how we treat others around us.

Your Responsibility as an Online Yoga Expert

There is a lot of responsibility that you could share as an online yoga expert. You would need to help your disciple (or even client) understand the importance of the positive changes that this ages-old meditation technique will bring to your life. You should also understand their pain points and expectations, and then offer them a proper working plan for the best results.

Conversely, if you are looking for an online yoga expert, please follow this to avail of an on-demand service right now, no matter where you are in the world. To get underway, you would only need your smartphone, the MevoLife app, working internet connectivity, and of course, a willingness to change for the better!