Mental Fitness Is More Important Than Physical Fitness, Ask a Therapist!

Mental Fitness Is More Important Than Physical Fitness, Ask a Therapist!

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Aditya 20 Aug, 2020

Mental Fitness Is First Fitness You Need!

Unarguably, anyone can survive without a kidney, or a hand or a leg, but we know every organ of the body is important. Survival is possible without an arm or even when someone is depressed if all the organs are functioning, or the person is without depression, in both cases, who can make the most of his life possible easily?

It's not a guess, it's a fact. People who are disabled, either which way, they have a hard time getting by, depression and other mental health problems including. See, they can change the way you think, behave, and the decisions you make. Would you ever give up on any of your organs when you know you need all of them to survive? You also need your mind! You need it to function well if you want to avoid a poorer quality of life.

You need a wellness expert who can look for overall health, its considerations, and trade-offs. Not that you are going to a psychiatrist who will focus so much on mental health, or provide medications. That's no! Some pills increase the risk of diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems, or cause enormous weight gain. You need to treat your body and mind as one whole entity.

Mental health is as important as physical health, not just pieces, and parts, but the whole. But the system of medical specialization lets us ignore the other parts. A patient who is fine when the doctor is helping some but not the whole is taking a huge rush. It's the patient's job to know that doctors get too focused on parts, for the most part.

Mental Health is Important For Everything

Mental Health is Important For Everything

Imagine a child who injured him while playing, he would be told to calm down, the pain will disappear. But he can't simply ignore he got hurt and is now in pain. He started crying. So everyone tries to distract him so that he could forget for some time and stop crying.

They keep distracting so over time forgets that he or she has been hurt. So relate the same with mental health, it's just the matter of one's belief. If he or she starts believing that it's fine and keeps telling themselves on and on by the thought process then it's easy to forget about that thing.

The thought process is what is going on in the mind, it is the only thing that we can control at the same time destroy our own feelings. For that, good mental health is a must and with good mental health comes good physical health.

One should value both mental health as well as physical health. We should not think of the two separately as they both go hand-in-hand. Mental health plays an important role in maintaining good physical health and vice versa. First, let's understand what mental and physical health actually means.

Mental Fitness is more important than physical fitness, ask a Therapist!

Our mental health affects how we think, act, or feel. You can improve and maintain sound mental health by doing something that calms you down. You can spend time with loved ones, share your thoughts, keep a journal, listen to music and so on.

Physical health is defined by one’s physical condition. It is the physical body of the being which depends on various factors such as lifestyle, diet, hygiene, physical fitness, and so on. Physical health can be improved by exercising regularly, having a proper diet, drinking more water, maintaining proper hygiene, getting enough sleep.

Evidently, a lot of people are unsure about how mental health affects physical health. Poor mental health can lead to some serious health issues and a weakened immune system. Besides, good physical health can really help in maintaining mental health.

A Positive Feeling of Good Food and Good Mood

A Positive Feeling Of Good Food And Good Mood

See, if someone is diagnosed with bipolar depression, they can get the best possible medical treatment but the mental illness will not go away completely. It will trouble again and again over a regular period of time. Due to the poor mental health, normal functioning will be difficult.

Now let us take examples of people whose mental health was normal but physical health is poor. Most of the physical health illnesses have a cure otherwise managed with medicines and operations. Bad mental health is a torture where as physical illness is not.

A person with bad mental health cannot enjoy life or the world where a person with poor physical health can become the king of a country. But to enjoy your life in this world, both mental and physical health should be good as both are important. You can find your wellness coach online who can make all this possible. You can get the right guidance and morale to do better than ever.

A coach who can reach you anytime, with calls and live video sessions is the best online wellness expert for you.