Here’s What Your Elliptical Trainer Would Never Tell You!

An elliptical machine is a great way to work out your arms and legs. It is also of great help when it comes to weight loss, especially if you’re easing into a regular workout routine. While we can’t be unanimous about the best way to lose weight on an elliptical, there are surely a few ways to derive the maximum mileage every time.

We suggest that you should first do a few warmup exercises like stretching to tune your body into the process and then gradually move to cardio exercises. If you are into the more professional zone, you might want to add some Pilates or HIIT before pushing the Elliptical to the end.

Expert’s Way of Burning Fat on an Elliptical

How to burn belly fat on an Elliptical faster?

Fitness experts believe that the Elliptical offers a better approach to weight loss than just customary exercises, provided you do it the right way. We recommend you try the following way to get started with it.

Check them out now:

Go for inclines:

go for inclines

When working out on an elliptical don’t focus on speed, rather focus on incline levels. Keep your speed steady but take up your resistance levels so that your body is required to work harder.

  •  Begin with 3-5 minutes warm-up with no incline.

  •  Build a steady speed and then bring the incline up between 10-15 degrees.

    •  Sustain RPMs somewhere between 110-120 degrees.

  •  Bring it back to start-up level for a minute and a half

  •  Go for an incline

    •  Do this 4-5 times for an effective elliptical workout session.

Don’t be afraid of intervals:

Don’t be afraid of intervals

The most effective way to burn calories on an elliptical machine is by focusing on High-Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT). Besides being challenging, it will motivate you to finish your workout session faster.

Here’s a sample routine for quick interval training on an elliptical machine:

    •  1st session: Start with a warm-up session

    •  Move your arms and legs on the machine at a resistance level at a moderate and steady pace

    •  Try to keep your heart rate at about 50- 60% of your max limits

    •  2nd session: Set up your incline levels between 10-15 degrees

    •  Sprint on the machine for 40-45 seconds

    •  3rd session: Bring your speed back down to that steady warm-up tempo for one minute

  •  Repeat that for a total of eight times

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Try to work out all your muscles:

Try to work out all your muscles

Elliptical is an excellent low impact workout machine that places low pressure on your joints. This means you’re prone to knee, hip, or back pain while running, you might want to opt for an elliptical routine the next time you hit the gym.

This is one of the best ways to understand how you may burn belly fat on an Elliptical faster. These exercises, if done properly, can help you lose excess stored calories in the form of fat on your tummy. The more you do it regularly in an advised manner, the better you would be placed to get in shape.

How to Burn the Most Fat on the Elliptical?

When you are working on this machine, you are working on both legs and arms. It activates more muscle groups, improves circulation by recruiting increased blood flow to both upper and lower extremities.

Here are some more benefits of working out on an elliptical for weight loss:

1. Builds stamina for cardio

2. Helps in targeted weight loss

3. Exercises both lower and upper body parts

4. Helps you bounce back from an injury

5. Helps your balance and improves posture

How long should I work out on an elliptical?

How long should I work out on an elliptical?

You should do it for five to twenty minutes for strength training and at least 15 minutes for cardio.

Is elliptical good for building muscles?

Yes, it is. The more you work on it, the better your muscles would be. It can also help you create better abs and core. Consult a fitness trainer for the best results.

Step out of Your Comfort Zone

These fat-burning elliptical workouts will increase the number of calories you burn and create an excellent strengthening routine for your abs, back, and core. You should understand that there are some basic mistakes that you should not commit because this is a rigorous exercise and can come back to hurt you rather quickly.

If you are new to workouts, you don’t have to dive right into an intense workout session. You should try to raise your resistance gradually to step of your comfort zone.

Any new shock to the body will help you get more out of your workout. Whatever workout you choose, don’t forget to push yourself through it. Whether that’s by playing with your resistance or speed, the more muscle groups you engage, the more calories you will burn.