Green Tea May Not Beat Diseases but Can Take the Fight Awfully Close!

Green tea is one of the several types of teas in the world but it has a special place in the mentions because of its top of the line health benefits. Made of Camellia sinensis plant leaves, it offers us the simplest cup of tea that takes us closest to the best of Nature. You would almost never find a bunch of people who would not like this tea as much as you do!

Two of the best things about green tea are its simplicity and the truckload of benefits. While you could choose black teas and white teas for their immense antiviral and pro-heart traits, you possibly can never beat the ease with which you make a cup of green tea and get an equal share of the same benefits.

All you would need to have a cup of this awesome all-natural tea is some hot water and some tea leaves- and you would be all set to have your first cup of tea. The benefits would follow you through the day. This herbal beverage doesn’t tax your liver or kidneys either to move out!

Green Tea Benefits

There are a ton of health-centric benefits that you can avail of by consuming this simple beverage regularly. We are listing some of them and would also subsequently discuss their implications on the larger part of our health.

Here are the benefits of drinking two cups of green tea every day:

1. It detoxifies the digestives system, especially the liver and kidneys

2. It contains bioactive compounds that prevent aging and make skin shinier

3. It helps in burning fat faster as compared to other forms of teas

4. It sharpens memory

5. It improves the nervous system

6. It fights signs of cancer

7. It improves dental health and fights bad breath

8. It prevents Type 2 Diabetes

9. It strengthens your cardiovascular system

10. It increases your immunity and resilience for everyday infections and seasonal changes

11. It reduces cholesterol

12. It normalizes blood pressure and blood sugar levels

13. It may reduce the effect of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases

14. It drives out excess oils from the body

15. Can support treatment of fatty liver (to some extent)

16. It helps in attaining better mental health

17. It reduces the wrinkles on your skin

Green tea can also help you make a quicker decision about your cardiovascular health, especially when you are concerned about the increasing presence of triglycerides in your bloodstream. It would also lower your LDL cholesterol levels so that the arteries in your heart could work better.

Taken over a period of time, this natural beverage could even help you build better resilience and put up a stronger show against infections consistently. More of this is presented in subsequent sections.

How to Lower Triglycerides?

How to lower triglycerides?

Triglycerides are the essential energy storage units found in our blood cells. Their high concentration may lead to hardening and clogging of the heart’s arteries besides causing severe implications for the pancreas. Obese and diabetic patients are at a higher risk of getting a higher ratio of triglycerides in their bloodstream, and so are the ones on certain medications.

You should have less than 150 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) or less than 1.7 millimoles per liter (mmol/L) of triglycerides in your bloodstream at any given instant. Anything higher than this could indicate an underlying health issue and should be consulted with a healthcare specialist promptly.

Here’s how you can reduce your triglycerides by following a healthy lifestyle:

1. Working out regularly

2. Boosting your immunity

3. Avoiding oily, fatty, and sugary foods in excess

4. Limiting alcohol intake and smoking less

5. Choosing healthy fats and boosting HDL cholesterol levels

6. Having proper sleeping patterns

7. Going for a high-fiber and low-carb diet

One may reduce high levels of these essential storage units by following a healthier lifestyle and the effects would be visible in as little as two to three weeks. Diabetics and BP patients should observe extra caution in pursuing their indulgent eating habits.

Can Green Tea Reverse Heart Diseases?

No, we won’t be sure about that. But this all-natural beverage can surely help you recover physically and mentally from such a draining episode. Green tea does pack in a lot of health benefits and while it does contain some enzymes that can control heart attacks, it can’t reverse the effect of heart diseases.

This herbal and healthy beverage can surely help you burn out some extra layers of flab with proper activity. It can also drive several toxins out of the body and help your heart pump more life force into you. You can extrapolate the positive effects of having better blood quality and more red blood cells against several seasonal illnesses too!

PS: Switching to the Mediterranean diet could be an amazing option for heart patients to explore.

Caution: Side Effects of Green Tea

Caution: Side effects of green tea

Excess of anything is bad!

Yes, this is the central part of the discussion. While drinking green tea is a healthy habit to be observed every day, it can’t make up for an excess. Consuming more than a certain amount of this tea can just as easily mess up all the good work done and you might be left with the following complications:

1. Irregular heartbeats and blood pressure

2. Increase in blood sugar and diabetes

3. Diarrhea and dehydration

4. Indigestion

5. Liver diseases

6. Anemia

7. Can cause complications in pregnancy

8. Weakening bones

The key is to know that if you continue to consume this hot, all-natural beverage in moderation every day, you sure can boost up your immunity by several notches above. It may not be sufficient to beat almost every disease on its own but it sure would give your life force and immunity enough ammunition to defend your body over a while.

Think of it- how can a cup of a natural beverage, which only contains only the best of Mother Nature and helps you flush out the toxins out of your body, not help you live better?

Healthiest Tea in the World

Healthiest tea in the world

The best variant of green tea is the one that comes with unbroken tea leaves that are not chemically treated. This process helps the tea leaves preserve their medicinal value and retain their natural flavor and goodness, thus helping you avail the best of health advantages with every sip.

Several tea-bag-based offerings come with a spurious quality of leaves, fanning, and dust of tea leaves. This directly affects the quality of the resulting tea. Inferior quality of tea leaves would have a lesser and poor quality of nutrients, and thus they can’t offer you a standard set of health benefits.

The central aspect would be the presence of catechins (or the antioxidants) that this natural beverage is known for. If the tea leaves are broken, chemically treated, and dried extensively in the sun, it would lead to a loss of the goodness in the resulting package.

Here is the disadvantage of using broken tea leaves:

1. Spurious quality

2. Faster release of bitterness and astringents

3. May hide improper chemicals

4. Reduced concertation of aromatic essential oils

5. Lesser medicinal value

6. An uneven taste profile

This effect is most common in tea-bag-based offerings. By touting these tea bags in a variety of flavors like ginger and cloves, several manufacturers sell us poor quality tea. This is just why you should go for premium green teas or herbal teas that specifically offer unbroken tea leaves.

This malpractice also leads to poor absorption of the goodness of tea leaves in water. If the nutrients are not properly absorbed in the water, they leave the tea bitter and acrid besides compromising its medicinal value. Some unwanted chemicals in it may even cause acid reflux and irregular blood sugar levels to spike irregularly.

What Is the Best Time to Drink Green Tea?

You can consider taking two or three cups at the maximum every day. A golden rule of thumb would be to drink one cup early morning and one in the late evening. It would be the most ideal routine that you could follow to derive maximum advantage from this health drink. The important thing is to resist any temptation to go over the line and you would be great with your next cup of tea, no matter when you are having it!