Drink Unbroken Green Tea Leaves. Your Liver Will Thank You for It!

The world is a funny place. It’s most popular beverage is tea and it comes in a variant called green tea- which is not green at all.

As a 3500-year-old health drink, this Chinese delicacy finds millions of takers across the world for its superior benefits. It can be prepared in several ways and every way is just as unique (and tasty) as the other. This aromatic beverage comes packed with antioxidants and enzymes that help in better functioning of our digestive and nervous system and helps us look refreshed and simply better.

Then is the Green Tea, the gentle giant in the list of all the tea variants. It only requires a cup of warm water and some specific type of tea leaves to get going with it. It tastes best when you do not add any sugar or any other artificial flavors to it, and rather leave it to simmer on its own without an active flame. This is why we mentioned that a cup of warm water is more than enough to get going with it.

Which Is the Most Effective Green Tea?

Which Is the Most Effective Green Tea?

Green tea comes in a few limited variants and maybe topped with a cursory mix of other health-favoring substances like honey and ginger. However, they are mostly available in tea bags and may not be the most appropriate solution to enjoy the goodness of this drink.

So here’s the best way- Premium Unbroken Green Tea. Made of unprocessed and unbroken tea levels, it represents the most pristine form of all green tea available because it doesn’t have any chemicals in it nor is it excessively dried, thus causing a loss of nutrients.

It rather contains all the goodness of green tea but in the purest form and with a higher concentration of all the nutrients. You may well take it as a health drink with a host of medicinal properties to help you with your physical and mental requirements. We are explaining just why you should go for it!

Benefits of Premium Green Tea

Benefits Of Premium Green Tea

Besides its mile long list of benefits, green tea (especially its unbroken tea leaves variant) also packs a complete punch with its truckload of benefits. We are listing some of them below:

1. Hydrates the body when taken as the first thing in the morning

2. Detoxifies internal organs like the liver and kidneys

3. Helps reduce Bad Cholesterol

4. Controls Type 2 Diabetes

5. Reduces inflammation

6. Sharpens memory

7. Has anti-aging properties

8. Has anti-stress and anti-depressant properties

9. Reduces chronic fatigue and induces better sleep

10. Can fight signs of cancer

11. Keeps you agile and sharp

Drink Unbroken Green Tea Leaves. Your Liver Will Thank You For It!

12. Resists dental cavities and reduces bad breath

13. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

14. Boosts blood pressure and blood sugar levels

15. Can help in recovering from a surgery

16. Boosts digestive process

17. Helps you stay away from milk tea in the morning!

If taken as the first thing in the early morning, a cup of tea (made of unbroken green tea leaves) can help you burn fat faster and thus help you lose weight even before you go to work out. The same process also helps your body replenish its depleted energy levels so you could use them for the remaining part of the day.

“How Much Green Tea Should I Drink?”

What Is The Best Time To Drink It?

Good question. You should not drink more than two to three cups a day. The ideal time to have them is in the early morning and late evening. While some people may even go up to have five or even more cups in a day, it is still safe to assume that excess of everything is bad. It always comes with more health issues than you would like to invite for yourself!

First of all, all the benefits above would turn around to give you a hard time. You would an upset stomach, higher blood pressure and blood sugar levels, more fatigue, sleeplessness, heartburn or acidity, anxiety, and even slowing down of your life processes.

Drink Unbroken Green Tea Leaves. Your Liver Will Thank You For It!

One Cup of Green Tea Made of Unbroken Tea Leaves Is Worth Two Made of Coffee

As you would expect, green tea and coffee don’t go along together. They are two vastly different beverages with two vastly different orientations, and must not be taken in succession. Besides, why would you like to mess with the captivating taste of coffee with the health benefits of something as awesome premium green tea?