How to Shed Flab on Thighs and Butts Faster at Home?

4 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Fat on Thighs and Butts (and How to Correct It?)

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Jane 28 Feb, 2019

You’ve done more than your fair share of squats and lunges but the dream of a firm pair of butts and strong thighs still eludes you. Among other things, it could also be due to your genetics too because some of us are born with fewer muscle cells and more fat cells than others. This makes us prone to obesity.

Scary as it may sound, it should not stop you from losing any excess flab on your thighs and butts. Here’s what our virtual fitness experts advise you to do to have that amazing lower back this year.

Your lower back, butts, thighs, and belly make for a great natural “under-seat storage compartment” for storing energy but they may also just as easily make you unattractive. Our fitness and healthcare experts believe that there could be several reasons why your lower body seems so bulky and flabby.

Nothing could hurt like unhealthy eating habits and improper workout plans. The longer you have been with them, the worse they would do for you. We are offering this article to help you know how you can beat those habits to lose that extra flab quickly and easily.

How to Lose Weight Faster?

The experience of (faster) weight loss is based on a simple principle: energy input should be marginally more than the energy output. It means that you should be eating high-energy and high-protein foods, and staying active enough to include regular workouts in your lifestyle.

You should also stay away from malpractices like binge eating or compulsive drinking. As a philosopher said, you should also be ‘too big for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.’

These are the basic principles of losing weight on all parts of your body- be it on your thighs, butts, midsection, arms, or anywhere else.

Part 1: Fat on Thighs

how to lose fat on thighs faster with exercise

Why are you not losing fat on your thighs?

Mistakes that are keeping you away from losing flab on your thighs

It is important to adopt healthy habits and to live with them. Most fitness experts in the world would advise you to go for simple and measurable goals and ways to stay in shape faster. These goals may include going for a 5k Run and No-Equipment Workouts, post proper warmups, and stretching exercises.

PS: The same principle applies to specific body parts like the core and abdomen.

Losing some extra flab on the middle and lower body parts is usually the toughest job ever, and people continue to make it harder with indulgent eating habits and sedentary lifestyles. If you are looking to still go the opposite way, here’s what our fitness experts warn you against:

Your goal isn’t realistic

A few workouts aren’t going to be enough to tone your butt and legs. While it is easier to sculpt your lower body than your midsection, going for a couple of gym sessions a week isn’t going to be enough. Aim for three lower-body sessions per week and expect noticeable changes in four to six weeks.

You aren’t eating for your thighs

If you want to transform your body, you have to transform your diet. Increase your intake of proteins, good fats, fruit, and vegetables. It is just as important to cut down on processed foods, trans-fats, sugar, and excessive salt. Even worse is an obsessive consumption of alcohol and drugs.

Did you know? Protein is the most important nutrient when it comes to sculpting your body. It boosts your metabolism, increases muscle mass, and thus, helps you burn fat faster.

You’re lacking cardio

cardio exercise for fat loss on inner thighs

You may be working out every day but if you still look a little pudgy, then chances are you aren’t doing enough cardio. These focused aerobic exercises would help you burn the fat covering your muscles and enhance your stamina. If you’re short on time, you may also try running on a treadmill. Constant running molds your legs and could even help you burn up to 780 calories in an hour!

Your weights are heavy enough

You’ve gotten into the weight training bandwagon but you still aren’t seeing the definition. If you’re new to weights, it’s okay to start with your body weight and some light kettlebells. The trouble is that you can’t always stick to the same intensity for several weeks in a row. If you stop feeling challenged enough, you should increase the weight.

Doing squats and lunges are two of the best ways to lose weight in a smaller time frame. You may take some time to get going with them but you can count on a faster and linear weight loss experience after a few days or weeks.

Caution: You should not do them without expert guidance for the risk element involved.

How to lose thigh fat faster?

Losing weight is a conscious and time-taking process that requires a lot of discipline and hard work. It may also include adhering to the time-tested way of staying away from indulgences and your love for food (if applicable). This also underscores the importance of sticking to a high-protein diet, staying away from sugary and fatty foods, eating and sleeping at odd hours, being addicted to coffee or alcohol, and drinking less water than advised.

Tip: How to Be a Qualified Online Fitness Training Coach?

The same applies to losing flab on the more flabby parts of your body like the thighs and butts- you would need something different to pull this one-off. We advise you to contact a fitness trainer coach to start building your way up from your home today. Going for a virtual consultation with an expert would help you get pinpointed and personalized attention to your immediate fitness concerns.

What exercises should you do to lose inner thigh fat faster?

The best and perhaps the quickest way to melt the extra flab on your thighs is to follow a fitness-centric lifestyle. Waking up early, working out in a gym or your home, getting inputs about dietary habits from an expert, staying away from booze and binge eating, and living stress-free would take you further than popping weight loss pills.

With regards to exercises, here are some simple ones that you can follow to lose inner thigh fat faster:

Leg lift

    •  Lay down on a yoga mat.

    •  Slowly lift both your legs together until they are perpendicular to your midsection.

    •  Stay thus for some time.

    •  Now slowly return to the original position of laying down.

  •  Repeat in reps of five.

2. Leg Circles

    •  This is similar to the above exercise, except that you should move your legs circularly.

    •  Repeat it for both clockwise and anticlockwise directions.

  •  Do it in the reps.

Jumping Jacks

    •  Stand straight.

    •  Put your hands straight above your head

    •  Now jump, broadening your legs to shoulder width.

    •  As you come down, pull your legs closer.

  •  Repeat in sets.

Side Shuffle Switch

    •  The easiest one, it requires you to assume a running stance.

    •  Put both your hands on your sides.

    •  Put one leg perpendicular to the ground as if you are running.

    •  Do it for both legs one at a time.

  •  Repeat.

5. Squats

    •  Stand straight with your hands outstretched at 90-degrees to the ground.

    •  Now lower down by keeping your thighs perpendicular to the ground.

    •  Remain in this position for as long as you can.

  •  Then rise and repeat.

In addition to these simple exercises, you can also do cycling, jogging, and running every day. Doing burpees is also a great way to shed some of that extra flab faster on your thighs. The key is not to worry excessively or feel sad about your body shape but rather to stay positive and take proactive actions based on the inputs above.

Part 2: How to lose butt fat?

how to lose butt fat faster for men and women

Wondering if you can lose some of your excess butt fat before Christmas? Well, there are some simple and proven techniques that you can use to get the job done. There are no new basic principles for this one but rather a repeat of the ones that are mentioned above.

Wondering if you can lose some of your excess butt fat before Christmas? Well, there are some simple and proven techniques that you can use to get the job done. There are no new basic principles for this one but rather a repeat of the ones that are mentioned above.

How to lose butt fat for men and women?

It may be a debatable subject to ask who, among men and women, is prone to faster weight gain if all factors like activity and lifestyle are kept constant. We are thus putting up a list of easy, home-based workouts that men and women of all age groups can do to burn some extra flab off their butts faster.

Though most of these exercises are best done under expert guidance, you would still do well to get some qualified personalized guidance for yourself or just about do them on your own. You would also do well to work up something for your glutes, hamstring, and calf muscles for better results.

Exercises for melting butt fat:

1. Chair pose

chair pose exercise for toning fatty butts
    •  Stand straight.

    •  Stretch both your hands upwards.

    •  Now imagine you are trying to sit on a chair.

    •  Make your thighs parallel to the ground to do this.

  •  Repeat

2. Kickbacks

kickback exercise for melting flab on flat butts at home
    •  Bend forward on a yoga mat.

    •  Put both your hands and knees touching it.

    •  Lift one leg and stretch it backward.

    •  Keep it this way for some time.

    •  Bring it back to its original position.

  •  Repeat

3. Squats

doing squats for toning fatty butts
    •  Stand straight with your hands outstretched at 90-degrees to the ground.

    •  Now lower down by keeping your thighs perpendicular to the ground.

    •  Remain in this position for as long as you can.

  •  Then rise and repeat.

4. Side-stepping

    •  Stand straight.

    •  Make loose fists and put them in front of your chest.

    •  Stretch your left leg further towards the left by keeping the right leg fixed.

    •  Stay thus for some time and then return to the original position.

  •  Repeat for the other leg too.

5. Lunges

man doing lunges for faster fat loss
    •  Stand straight.

    •  Put one foot ahead of the other.

    •  Now bend both legs from knees to touch the ground with one.

    •  Stay thus for some time and then stand up.

    •  Repeat for the other leg.

  • You may also use dumbbells to increase the weight.

Meant for men and women of all age groups, these exercises can help you trim the lower midsection and reduce the flab on butts linearly. If you are wondering how much time it will take you to trim the fat there, it would take you about 4 to 12 weeks to get back in shape.

Losing Fat on Your Lower Midsection Is Easier Than You Think!

It is easy to believe that weight loss is a tedious procedure because we often see people in the gym with bulging waistlines, broadening hips, and heavy thighs. The issue is that we do not see the indulgent habits that have led them to this state. One may always get into a better shape by losing some extra flab on one’s inner thighs and butts after working on one’s fitness consistently- men and women included.

The key is to know the risks that come with abnormal weight gain in later parts of life and to make amends to one’s lifestyle before things take an ugly turn. You may also be on the flabbier side due to hereditary reasons or due to some post-surgery medical issues, but you can still beat it all if you have a stronger resolve to stay in shape!