Using Public Transport: The Key to Losing Weight Successfully

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Nia 29 Nov, 2019

“I exercise a lot but am still not able to lose weight!”

Sounds like you do? If yes, then it is time to make some long-awaited lifestyle changes to put your weight-loss goals in top gear. Our virtual fitness experts advise on listing the factors that could be at work to reduce the efficiency of your fitness plan, especially if you are working out at a gym.

Such habits or malpractices also get in the way of our long-term health and fitness goals. You may get better results if you make these tips a part of your daily routine, no matter what your exercise schedule or pattern is!

Using Public Transport Is Hard, but Not Harder Than the Entire Process of Losing Weight!

It’s not surprising to believe that commuting to work on a bike or foot will contribute to your weight loss goals. It is effective but is not the most optimum option owing to distance and time problems. New studies have shown that the same theory holds for public transport as well. This natural mode of burning fat and unwanted fat is perhaps the easiest way to get into shape.

Using Public Transport: The key to losing weight successfully

1. People who opt for public transport, no matter how much they exercise or not, are likely to weigh 5-7 pounds less than people who commute via cars.

This is simply because public transport involves a greater level of incidental physical activity like walking from your home to the station, standing in a busy train carriage, or sprinting up down the station stairs.

2. Similar research was conducted at the University of East Anglia’s Norwich Medical School and the University of York. It included more than 4,000 individuals in a three-part survey that was conducted between 2004 and 2007.

It concluded that people who switched to traveling via public transport lost an average of 0.32 units from their BMI over the period. This reduction was equivalent to more than two pounds of difference.

Most people do not realize it because they consider the activities related to public transport a daily chore and thus, they don’t notice the number of calories they are burning.

Benefits of Taking the Bus or Train

Benefits of taking the bus or train

Some of the major ways in which the inclusion of public transport in your daily life can prove helpful for weight loss are: -

Daily Workout

If you are working out daily, it makes a deep impact on your body and weight. It has been analyzed that people who commute using public transit for 30 or more minutes experience a reduction of around 2.25 BMI units or around 7 kg (over one stone) over 4-5 years.

Controlled Eating

If you want to travel on public transport, you have to be more punctual. This automatically results in a controlled and timely intake of food. Having food at the right time also plays a major role in boosting up the weight loss process. So, indirectly public transit helps you balance your food intake levels as well.

Social Support

Traveling via public transport brings you closer to people with a similar mindset, and this results in building up a community for social support. This emotional support also increases your dedication and motivation for weight loss goals accomplishment.

Public transit not only plays an active role in contributing positively towards economic and environmental benefits but also has a major health significance. The above findings act as a motivation for all weight watchers’ commuters to opt for sustainable modes of transport and you may count on it.

Some Smart Tips to Lose Weight Faster

Some smart tips to lose weight faster

However, choosing public transport alone would not melt your belly fat. That’s just why you would be best advised to pep it all up with some other laborious ways too. We are presenting some smart ways using which you can bring the above discussion to a better conclusion- and the results shall be visible in as little as a month!

Engage mentally during workouts

When you fail to stay tuned in, you’re more likely to make mistakes. Paying attention to what you’re doing can help you position your body in the right ways and engage the correct muscles.

A poor form in strength training can lead to injuries while an inefficient stride during jogging can cause problems in muscles and joints. Being engaged with a task allows you to make jumps or improvements in fitness, which can be highly motivating.

Include variety in your workouts

Variety is the spice of life and the same applies to your workout patterns too. It’s obvious to get bored if you follow a monotonous workout schedule day after day, week after week. Not only can variety in exercising generate better weight loss results, but it can also keep your mind engaged.

You’ll find that this may even have you looking forward to workouts as you master new skills. Try new moves when you are into strength training and create variety in cardio sessions too for faster weight loss results!

Mix up your intensity level

Mix up your intensity level

We are not saying that you should change your workout routine but what we advise here is to play with the intensity level in your workouts to boost up the weight loss process. Mixing up your intensity level is simply about upping the ante in certain workouts to work different energy systems.

Difficult workouts are indeed important, but one should not overlook the role played by the easy workouts too. They burn calories and contribute to fitness while also allowing your body to recover. If you’re just starting an exercise regime, you might begin with all easier-paced efforts and, gradually, add in 1 tougher workout each week.

Do the extra things

Being physically active is the most important element if you want to lose weight but one should not forget that the extra things also have a major contribution to make your weight loss efforts successful. This includes stretching or massaging oneself, getting adequate sleep, drinking enough water, and eating foods that contribute to better performance and recovery.

Just 10 to 15 mins a few times a week devoted to this type of work can help keep you in tip-top shape for your next workout, so it’s well worth your time.

Make a plan

Make a plan

In addition to doing both hard and easy workouts each week, it is also important to have a long-term exercise plan. If you simply hop on the elliptical for 20 minutes a few times a week at the same pace for months on end, you’re unlikely to see much progress in your fitness.

Summing Up!

As you get in better shape, you can increase the time spent or intensity of the exercise. You may also try additional activities so that you avoid a weight-loss plateau and rather continue to build on that hard-earned fitness. It is equally important to stay away from alcohol abuse and a sedentary lifestyle.

Taking public transport like a bus or train to work, controlling your love for sweets and desserts, doing yoga, and working out that bit extra would surely help you stay in shape. We recommend you keep these simple tips in mind and stay dedicated to your workout routines. We assure you that your weight loss is just around the corner!

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