Being Skinny or Obese Is Not the End of the World!

“There is a reason that God has made you thus. Period.”

This is what my late grandfather said to me when I told him that everybody in my class pokes fun of me. Quite a simplified truth, you would agree and so do I. To put things in perspective, I was a kindergarten student then and was hardly four years old.

The world may have changed a lot between those twenty-seven years that have passed in between but what never changed in those times was the belief that I had in my frail physical body. I am now a professional fitness professional who has been working out six days a week for the last eight years now. I have risen over my insecurities.

It’s Certainly Not the End of the World!

Being so skinny was a question that should have haunted me for the rest of my life, had I let it be. My grandfather was my guiding angel and he gave me the confidence that told me that nothing was impossible. I joined a gym in my late teens and have been going there regularly. This has had a huge difference in my self-belief and the way people look at me.

You might be wondering as to what it could have to do with you. I’d agree but I just thought that maybe being skinny or obese could be your problem and here’s what you could do about it. What I would tell you would be all based on my personal experience.

How to Deal With Being Skinny or Obese?

How To Deal With Being Skinny Or Obese?

I am a lot different from other people. I suffer from Hypothyroid and this makes me perpetually skinny, and there is possibly nothing much I can do about it. It is easy to take medications to mend the issues but it is sure to court many more complications.

So I decided to stay the way I am and while I have worked a great deal on my fitness, I am still more or less skinny. The keys to deal with being skinny or obese are self-acceptance and a positive self-image.

Here are some smart tips to help you rise above a negative experience:

1. Benefits of Being Skinny

a. You can eat as much as you’d like

b. You can move freely all about

c. You fall ill less often

d. Your agility is a trademark of your personality (it is almost like that of a hawk)

e. You would almost never experience back pain

f. You are less likely to get diabetic

g. You are very less likely to get cardiac- and lung-related diseases

h. You can run fast

Being Skinny Or Obese Is Not The End Of The World!

i. You can fit into almost anything

j. Your back and feet have little to nothing to complain

k. You can sit in roller-coaster just as easily as you would sit in a car

l. You can fit into any seat belt

2. Benefits of Being Obese

a. The research concludes that you may be gifted with an elephant-like memory

b. You’re sure to always get the front seat in an airplane!

c. You could have trouble moving about freely, but it would almost never be due to rheumatoid arthritis

d. Dementia and sleeplessness are not your things

e. XXXL size shirts and pants are almost always on discounts

f. Being fat is a natural defense against pain, starvation, or just feeling cold.

g. You can withstand extremely low temperatures

h. You might function properly in freezing cold, even when others around you are shivering in their pants.

i. You are less likely to get bronchitis or TB.

j. You can lift more weight easily.

k. Remember, you could almost never get kidnapped!

PS: You can find some smart ways to shed some extra flab here, here, and here.

Health Risks of Being Overweight or Being Skinny

Health Risks Of Being Overweight Or Being Skinny

As an antithesis to the above, I would still make a distinction to the above benefits. It would come highly recommend that you get your Body Mass Index calculated as per an online BMI Calculator to get a clearer picture of your health in accurate terms.

I have worked with some fitness professionals online and they too echo out the same concern. Just getting yourself checked as per your BMI is always a welcome thing because it can also help you craft a plan to gain or reduce weight, as you’d like.

Healthy vs Skinny

Healthy Vs Skinny

Which Way Should You Lean Into?

The above benefits remind you of the beautiful ways that God has decided for you to live your life. Being fat or skinny is certainly not the end of the world. There are a lot of things that you can do as a skinny or a fat guy (or girl) that most “healthy” people would think twice before even attempting.

I love the way I am and I would never trade to be something or someone else- and so should you. I suggest you go ahead with a lot of self-confidence to look even better. Instead of worrying about being skinny or fat, you could better use your time to go to a gym and work yourself out to get into a better shape.

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