9 Indian Spices That Help You Lose Weight at Home Faster!

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Jane 20 Jan, 2020

Psychology and our love for eating can play a crucial role in satiating our hunger, recent research has concluded. Spices form the bond between the two and not only do they make our foods tastier, but they also provide us with a lot of health benefits. Here’s how they add up.

Nothing influences our health and fitness more than two salient factors: what we eat and how we eat it. We all love eating foods that taste spicy, sour, or sweet and we could often go eating them to the extent of all bliss. But it is also about what we think about our food and how we eat it that makes a difference.

Through this article, we are looking into how these two aspects can help us have better results. We shall present this detail in two parts so you could start today and have the best weight-loss experience ever. Let’s start with spices, the organic substances that zing up our foods and lives together!

Part 1: The Importance of Household Spices for Weight Loss

Best common household spices for health and fitness

Yes, even spices too can help you lose some weight.

If you’re trying to shed off those extra pounds, you might want to pep up your salads with these herbal spices. Studies have shown that Indian and Asian spices can suppress appetite, speed up the metabolic rate, boost your immunity, and even stop fat-forming cells from reappearing.

For example, you can count on caraway seeds to improve your digestion and reduce acid reflux, while turmeric cleanses the blood and boosts resistance to seasonal infections. The ancient medicinal science of Ayurveda offers us all a comprehensive view of using homemade spices for better health and fitness.

Here’s the list of magical spices that you should add to your pantry to boost up your weight loss process. We recommend using them appropriately and regularly to derive maximum advantage regularly.


Ginger fires up the metabolism levels in our body. Besides lowering the appetite, it also helps in better digestion thus leading to faster weight loss. It also has the same thermogenic effects as capsaicin because it has warming effects in the body, which all add up to faster fat-burning activity.

This sharp-tasting medicinal plant is used as a stress-reliever too. Psychologists agree that by controlling someone’s obsessive or depressive thoughts, we can control their eating behavior too. This especially includes people who indulge in binge eating or drinking.


Made from a root, turmeric gives the curry a deep yellow color. It supports weight loss processes and boosts the rate of metabolism. This yellow spice also helps in containing the Weight Plateau, a phenomenon that causes faster weight gain after a longer period of exercising and staying on a restrictive diet.

Tip: The strength of your immune system is directly correlated with your daily diet. If you prefer to eat out and rely on junk foods more often, your body’s resistance against even seasonal infections could take a hit. Here’s how you can boost your immunity faster the expert way in a week!


Garlic offers immense health benefits. In the context of shedding some flab, it proves useful as it is a powerful detoxifier, boosts your metabolism, eliminates fat from the cells, and regulates the ups and downs in your blood sugar levels.

Some people do not prefer it because of its obnoxious taste. But if you are looking for a household spice that also helps you maintain your blood pressure and reduce inflammation, besides boosting your immunity and wellbeing, garlic is an obvious choice.


A recent study has concluded that the use of cinnamon reduced the accumulation of belly fat over a longer period. Cinnamon consists of powerful antioxidants called polyphenols that prevent tissues from strain and improve our sensitivity towards insulin.

Did you know? The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition highlighted that using cinnamon while cooking a starchy meal may stabilize blood sugar and reduce insulin spikes in diabetes and heart patients.


Cardamoms are rich in digestive qualities and also help in burning fat. As one of the best spices for shedding some flab, they improve metabolism rate by reducing flatulence, nausea, and other signs of poor indigestion. This green scented pod is also known to prevent peptic ulcers and treat dental cavities.

Mustard seeds

A British study was recently conducted to evaluate the role of mustard seeds in weight loss. It concluded that these seeds increase the metabolic rate by as much as 25%. This also had a direct correlation between cholesterol levels and heart conditions.

Though mustard is high in fat and is usually bad for weight loss, yet it induces the feeling of fullness and curbs appetite for hours. It is also high in dietary fiber, thus helping in digestion and making you feel fuller for longer periods, and thus helping you stay away from eating out of boredom.


It is one of the most common spices which is used for cooking. The main component that is responsible for the flavors of this spice is piperine, which stimulates the central nervous system and strengthens the digestive system. It also lowers bad cholesterol and maintains blood sugar levels.

Pepper is also the world’s most traded spice. It is rich in Vitamins A, B, B5, C, and E. It is also rich in minerals like iron, potassium, and magnesium, some factors that make it an indispensable spice for boosting digestion and metabolism.


Cumin is rich in antioxidants and helps reduce cholesterol. Research has highlighted that the people who use cumin in their diets lost nearly three times more body fat as compared to those who didn’t. It also increases metabolism, especially when used in curry spice blends.

Experts’ view: Lack of iron is also a common reason for the lower level of energy and fatigue. Since cumin has a high iron content, it boosts the weight loss process, especially for women. This brown-colored spice also reduces cancer cells because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Chili pepper (Cayenne)

Capsaicin, a substance found in peppers, gives them their characteristic flavor. It also helps in fighting weight gain and obesity by decreasing calorie intake and lowering blood fat levels. Some healthcare experts believe that consuming a teaspoon of red or cayenne pepper with each meal can boost the metabolism rate by over 25%.

The spicy nature of cayenne is sometimes attributed to its ability to help people lose weight as people tend to eat less (fewer calories) and drink more. This has a direct effect on weight management and secondly, your guests never forget the last time they dined at your place!

Health Benefits of Eating Spicy Foods

Health benefits of eating spicy foods

You might be wondering if eating spicy foods is good for you. Yes, it is, provided you increase your intake of these tangy and flavorsome organic add-ons in moderation. There is no point in adding too much oregano to your pizza if you are already obese because this spice won’t cut the bad effects of the white flour that you are eating.

The above-mentioned household spices have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that reduce the effect of various seasonal infections and internal injuries. They are rich in phytochemicals (or plant chemicals) and they provide various types of health benefits.

Here are some other benefits of going on a spice-heavy diet from today:

1. Helps maintain better heart conditions

2. Boosts metabolism process

3. Ignites hunger

4. Burns belly fat faster

5. Helps you adapt to a certain diet

6. Works as a painkiller

7. Reduce stress

8. Strengthens digestive system

9. Antioxidants help reduce signs of aging

10. Lower the risk of various infections and illnesses

So, use these amazing spices to not only make your favorite foods and dishes tasty but also boost the weight loss process. We would also recommend that you also get professional guidance on your eating habits and lifestyle with a professional wellness expert online.

Next up we are discussing the curious case of using psychology to your advantage.

a.) Part 2: The Psychology of Weight Loss

The Psychology of Weight Loss

Some of us think of weight management as if it would be very difficult and that it would require a complete makeover of our lifestyle. When we successfully do shed some flab (especially in less time), we often become overconfident and we go back to indulgent habits that had made us ill and obese.

Our wellness experts advise that you should not fall into this trap. We recommend that you start with this free resource where we have talked about this topic at length. We are presenting some other, lesser-known tips that we have not explained in the above resource. Here they are:

Eat in smaller dinnerware

Ever noticed the size of plates at a buffet is often smaller than a la carte? It’s a way for restaurants to cut costs and reduce food wastage. Our brains perceive the same amount of food served on a smaller plate or bowl as substantial. Large plates make the same serving of food look smaller.

It’s an optical illusion that’s very effective in tricking our brain into believing we’ve eaten more than we have, thus helping in portion control. You can put this trick to use at home. Eat healthy foods like salads on larger plates. Eat desserts in smaller bowls. Use tall thin glasses for high-calorie drinks.

Be a leftie at the movies

Are you one of those people that can’t enjoy a movie without digging into a bag of popcorn? You’re not hungry, the popcorn is stale but you eat it anyway out of habit. You can try eating with your non-dominant hand. You’ll find it slows you down considerably and the amount of buttery salty popcorn you eat is substantially less.

Note: Eat with your right hand if you are a left-hander.

3. Switch off the idiot box

Are your mealtimes centered on the television? This is a distraction that can easily lead to overeating. Your brain is so wired with the images and sounds from the TV that it does not perceive a sense of satiety and you end up chomping down on food without stopping when you’re full. Instead, make mealtimes all about the food and relish what you’re eating without distractions.

4. Go grocery shopping when you’re stuffed

You’re more likely to buy unhealthy, sugar-loaded, and calorie-dense foods when you’re hungry. We recommend you do your grocery shopping after a heavy meal. It’s easier to exercise your willpower and buy only healthy food when you’re feeling full. This would make sure that there are no unhealthy snacks to reach out for at home- you can’t eat what’s not there.

Mirror, mirror on the (kitchen) wall

Something as simple as a mirror on your refrigerator or in your kitchen can influence your eating habits. Seeing your reflection just as you’re about to reach for the cream cheese may signal you to stop and make a healthier choice.

Reduce Your Belly Fat with a Better Mindset and Dietary Plan

We believe these smart tips would put you on a path to a better life. This is a radically forward-looking approach that helps you get going without worrying too much about heavy workouts and lifting dead weights. You can bump up the effects by making some incremental changes every day.

Please note that the steps mentioned above can give you positive results but you would need to use your common sense and do a lot of hard work to get that perfect shape. You can reduce your belly fat by including these spices in your daily diet appropriately, maybe with a little push from your dietitian.

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