Beat Exam Stress with These Pro Tips Today!

We are not entirely sure if exams are a necessary evil. There are pros and cons to both sides advocating them and despising them, and no matter which side is right, it is the students that bear the burden of writing exams every year. The assessment of their prodigy is done basis on the examination they give and the marks they score, and usually it is not a happy situation for them.

Running after an unattainable academic result is not without a lot of stress. We read newspapers saying how stress, depression, and family issues are creating havoc with the mental identities of students across the world. The situation continues to be grim in Asia because most of the schools here do not offer a talent-based curriculum for students.

Causes of Exam Stress

The number one cause of exam stress is a mismatch between the strength of a student and the list of strengths that the school or college wants him or her to have. There are boys with a pronounced talent in Arts but are forced to study Science until high school, a period until when their hopes and dreams are beaten out of them.

Beat Exam Stress with These Pro Tips Today!

Similarly, there are girls who’d rather prefer to study Astronomy but are figuring out ridiculous ways to read how the climate of Africa is different from that of the Americas. What could be worse than this? Albert Einstein once remarked that ‘Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.’ It surely holds for millions of students who are left to fend for themselves in a ‘who-crams-the-most-and-the-best’ race.

There are several other deriving causes of exam stress:

1. Unjustified expectations

2. Peer pressure

3. Family pressure

4. Fear of failing

Fear of failing

5. Improper preparation

6. Not prepared with changes in curriculum

7. Misdirected strengths

8. Uncertain future

9. Social changes like unemployment

10. Clinical depressions, exam stress, and anxiety

These are just some of the most common factors that we could list. As your child prepares to write his exams, you should also note any other signs of mental stress or fatigue or clinical depression. The sooner you act on it, the better results you could derive from it.

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Tips to Reduce Stress during Exams

Tips to Reduce Stress during Exams

Use them to deliver a better performance in the next exam!

The worse thing is that the Asian school curriculum is not made to absorb changes that lead to exam stress. The key is to understand your child’s psyche and help him understand that exam could be one last frontier that he can take care of, and he can then step into his beautiful world of Arts, Astronomy, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Science, Civil Services, or whatever he likes the most.

You can also put him through a consultation with an online Wellness Expert (specifically a virtual Mental Therapist). A qualified expert like him could see through your child’s mind and help you understand what he is going through, and help you take corrective actions.

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Here are some smart tips that your kid can use to reduce stress during exams:

1. Stay prepared

2. Eat and sleep properly

3. Offer him a bar of chocolate once he accomplishes something big

Offer him a bar of chocolate once he accomplishes something big

4. Stay away from Social Media for a reasonable duration every day

5. Meditate

6. Workout in moderation

7. Take deep breaths

And most importantly, convince your child to stay sure of himself that no matter what the mark sheet may say, he would still be a hero for everyone!

Exam Stress Symptoms

Is your child suffering from any of these early warning signs?

Fear of failure is the worst that plagues a student’s mind and it manifests in ways more than one. It is important to know that these exam stress symptoms are more like an early warning system, and you can help your child wade through the challenges if he stays calm.

Here are some common exam stress symptoms:

Here are some common exam stress symptoms

1. Going quiet

2. Staying aloof

3. Sudden mood swings

4. Poor eating and sleep patterns

5. Headaches and stomach pain

6. Lethargy

7. Abnormally high or low blood pressure

8. Feeling mentally defeated

9. Anger and irritability

Anger and irritability

10. Major changes in behavior

The Sooner You Diagnose It, the Better It Usually Is!

We have presented this article to help you avail of some quality help and tips to reduce stress during exams. Exams may or may not be a necessary evil and whether one likes them or not, they are here to stay. The key is to understand that every malady has a remedy and we should be ready to take it.

So, chill out and beat the exam stress with our pro tips today- and talk to a mental therapist should the need arises!

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