18 Foods That You Should Stay Away From

We only get one shot at our lives but we if do it right, once is enough. This universal fact accounts for all our physical and metaphysical requirements. What we eat thus also figures in the same list. In fact, the right diet can make all the difference between living a fulfilled life and falling ill repeatedly.

Relying on a junk food diet to complete our dietary requirements is as nonsensical as flogging a dead horse- it just won’t pick up. We know you would counter the argument by saying that you eat these junks only once a while or that they sound so delicious that you can’t live without them or that you eat vegetables with chow mein, but seriously, none of that would stick.

Harmful Effects of Eating Junk Foods

Harmful effects of eating junk foods

In continuation of the above point, it must be properly noted that eating junk foods is just like sitting on a Second World War bomb- you’d never know when it will blow off. This fact also makes it important to consider the downsides of eating this presumably “delicious” and “scrumptious” and “I-can’t-live-without-it” and “my friends love it” type of food.

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Here are the disadvantages of eating junk food, even for a stray incident:

1. Increases blood pressure and blood sugar levels abnormally

2. Makes liver and intestines go on overdrive to digest the foods

3. Can cause memory lapses

4. Can cause unwanted chemical surges in our bloodstream

5. Causes impatience

Causes impatience

6. Once they become a habit, they weaken the willpower

7. Can cause obesity

8. Can increase the risk of chronic cardiovascular diseases

9. Can cause type 2 diabetes and liver diseases (like jaundice and cirrhosis)

10. They also give too much of unwanted calories and increase bad cholesterol

11. Can trigger enzymes that produce free radicals on the skin, thus making you look older and aged

12. Dehydrate you faster because much of the water is used to drive these toxins out

We shall now discuss the list of foods that you should not eat in the next section

Unhealthy Food List

Unhealthy Food List

Given such a scenario, it makes sense to know more about the foods that you should never eat. To be honest, we would recommend staying away from them for an appreciable length of time because even the slightest of indulgences can turn disadvantageous in next to no time.

Here’s a list of unhealthy foods that you should stay away from:

1. Cola or aerated drinks

2. Pizzas

3. Cakes and pastries

4. White bread

5. Canned fruit juices

6. Sweetened artificial corn flakes

7. Fried and grilled non-vegetarian foods

8. French fries

9. Potato chips (especially those packaged with nitrogen)

Potato chips (especially those packaged with nitrogen)

10. Gluten foods

11. Artificial sweeteners

12. Canned sweets

13. Ice creams

14. Processed meat and cheese

15. Processed foods

16. Pasta and noodles

17. Deep-fried foods

18. Some roadside delicacies (especially those in India)

Extremely unhealthy foods for kids, they pose the risk of immature obesity and suppressed hormonal growth of your child too. It is important to understand this fact because young children are susceptible to their role models, the ones who are advocating the best noodles and the best French fries and the best pizzas and the best cola drinks on the television.

No wonders, they too want to have it and this only takes a turn for the worse!

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List of Foods Not to Eat When Trying to Lose Weight

List of Foods Not To Eat When Trying To Lose Weight

The aforementioned 18 food items are the ones that you should positively stay away from in most cases, especially when you are working hard to lose weight. Please note that losing excess weight is a piece of extra baggage. It usually requires a lot of patience and an unflinching resolve to stay away from what’s hampering you from making a progress.

You would never find a healthcare expert asking you to deliberately eat this so-called “delicious” and “tasty” food. Heed to their advice. If these fast foods are so bad, why even bother eating them in the first place? We trust you know the answer!

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