Looking for a perfect drink to fuel up your mornings? Try out this special green smoothie which is not only simple, but is extremely healthy and nutrient-dense!


1½ Cup Water

1 Head Romaine Lettuce Chopped

4 Stalks Organic Celery

1 Cup Organic Cilantro

1 Cup Organic Parsley

½ Cup Spinach

1 Banana

1 Tbsp Fresh Lemon Juice

1 Organic Apple (Chopped)

1 Organic Pear (Chopped)


1. In a food processor, add romaine lettuce, celery, cilantro, parsley and spinach.

2. Blend at a low speed until smooth.

3. Add banana, lemon juice, apple, and pear, and blend at high speed.

Serves 2

Nutritional Info

Calories 186kcal, Fat 1.3g, Carbs 45.2g, Protein 3.5g

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