Grilled Veggie Sandwich

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Nia 03 May, 2021


2 Slices Gluten Free White Sandwich Bread

½ tbsp Spreadable Butter

2 Slices Thin Sliced 2% Colby Cheese

3-4 Tomato Slices

3-4 Cucumber Slices

3-4 Onion Slices


1. Butter one side of each slice of bread. Place 1 slice of bread (butter side down) onto a heated skillet. Top with 1 slice of cheese, then slice of tomato, onion, cucumber, remaining slice of cheese, and 2nd slice of bread (butter side up).

2. Grill for approximately 2 minutes, flip sandwich and grill for an additional 2-3 minutes

Serves 1

Nutritional Info

Calories 324kcal, Fat 18.5g, Carbs 26g, PRotein 16g

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