Why Does Weight Loss Start with Green Tea?

“Green is the new color of PositiviTEA.”

Tea is only the second most popular beverage in the world, after water, and is closely followed by coffee for the third place. It is a common beverage in most parts of the world and finds several million patrons in Asia and Europe. With the benefits of antioxidants and low caffeine content, this cosmopolitan beverage has been ruling hearts for thousands for years now.

However, the story is a tad different for green tea.

A gift from China to the world, Green Tea arguably marks the rise of something so ubiquitous and yet so beneficial known to mankind. It is said that a Chinese emperor accidentally drank a cup of warm water that had a tea leaf in it. He liked the taste and this is just how the world later came to know of something called the Green Tea.

PS: This beverage is considered most useful for maintaining a proper metabolic rate and to detoxify our internal organs, especially the liver. It is for these reasons that this tea variant is considered the best for weight loss and to look more beautiful.

Benefits of Green Tea for Weight Loss

Benefits Of Green Tea For Weight Loss

It is difficult to enumerate all the benefits that a single cup of green tea, especially when they are so multifarious and often protrude into so many directions. They are directly or indirectly related to flushing out extra flab and other toxins that you could have in your body, and to help you look younger and better.

Here is what you can expect from every single cup of green tea:

1. As mentioned above, Green Tea boosts metabolism.

2. It oxidizes fats faster so it thus helps in burning the stored useless calories at a rapid rate. This is called weight loss.

3. It regulates the sugar levels in our blood. This helps diabetic patients to remain stable.

Why Does Weight Loss Start With Green Tea?

4. Its enzymes help in cleaning the inner lining of blood vessels of our heart and blood cells, thus helping them work better.

5. It reduces the risks of diseases related to the throat and nose.

6. It can control higher levels of LDL or bad cholesterol.

7. The antioxidant called “Catechin” helps to destroy the bacteria and viruses in our mouth. It also strengthens the enamel of teeth.

8. Green tea helps the skin glow and become shinier by reducing free radicals.

9. Theanine, an amino acid found in green tea, helps in treating the various types of depressions. It also has a calming effect on the psyche of the patient.

PS: In today’s hectic times, stress too has become a contributing factor to abnormal eating habits, this can lead you to become fat. Here’s how you can guard yourself against it.

When to Drink Green Tea for Weight Loss?

Remember, There Is A Good Time And A Bad Time For Everything!

Remember, There Is A Good Time And A Bad Time For Everything!

There is a good and a bad time to drink green tea for weight loss. Doctors advise that you should consume this medicinal beverage early morning and late evening, but you should not eat or drink immediately after it.

Consuming it empty stomach or a nearly empty stomach will help you shed extra calories and fat faster. Secondly, you should also not consume it in the afternoon and never go beyond more than three cups any day.

A golden rule of thumb is that merely one cup of good-quality premium green tea is more than sufficient to provide you your daily dose of energy requirements. Remember, excess of anything is bad, and while some people would advise you to take up to five cups of tea too, it is never quite advisable.

Summarily, the best time to drink green tea for a flat tummy is early morning, when you have just woken up or have done some yoga or have worked out.

Why Does Weight Loss Start With Green Tea?

What Is Premium Green Tea?

Premium Green Tea made of unbroken green tea leaves makes for the best quality of green tea. It is made of Camellia sinensis leaves without oxidizing or fermenting them. This also takes out the possibility of treating them with any chemicals. Such premium quality tea leaves are then subjected to steaming, rolling, and firing. This helps in retaining several natural benefits in the form of antioxidants called polyphenols for maximum benefits.

This top-quality tea is often available in Slimming and Anti-Stress, and Herbal Tea variants. As the name suggests, they all serve different purposes and are meant for specialized uses. It all boils down to the variant you’d like and the one that goes best with you.

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