Natural Foods to Gain or Lose Weight

As per an estimate by the World Health Organization, more than 2 billion adults are obese and around 1.6 billion adults are underweight around the world. The former situation is prevalent in developed countries while the latter is more found in the developing nations.

No, you do not want to become fat or skinny. You want to be healthy, agile, and fit and that’s just what you are not saying. There is possibly shame in being “fat” or “skinny” but the societal configurations often place a higher premium on someone who is otherwise.

Someone’s health is usually measured as per his body weight (in kilograms) and height (in square meters), and a proper ratio of the same is called Body Mass Index. The numerical value so derived falls in one of the following ranges:

Natural Foods To Gain Or Lose Weight

BMI - State

  • < 18.5 - Underweight

  • 18.5 - 24.9 - Normal

  • 25 – 29 - Overweight

  • > 30 - Obese

How to Gain Weight and Muscle?

Is Your Bmi Less Than 18.5?

Gaining weight is usually a long and hard road to walk, and it does require a lot of sacrifices related to your lifestyle. These changes would mostly revolve around your eating habits and would also ask you to work on your fitness.

Here are some of the best foods that you can eat to gain weight and muscles:

Natural Foods To Gain Or Lose Weight

1. Soy protein

2. Milk and dairy products

3. Nuts

4. Protein shakes

5. Rice

6. Starch (potatoes and sweet potatoes)

7. Fatty products

8. Fish

9. Whole grain bread

10. Dry fruits

11. Pastries and cakes

12. Avocadoes

13. Cereals and pulses

14. Eggs

15. Eat foods prepared in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Coconut oil

It would also be better to consult a healthcare professional (online, if preferable) and ask for a personalized weight gain diet plan for yourself. She would understand your lifestyle patterns and your eating habits, and would chalk out a plan based on what you’d need to eat for the best results.

 How To Lose Weight?

 How To Lose Weight?

Is Your Bmi More Than 25?

As mentioned above, there are more “obese” people than there are skinny ones in the world. Therefore, more people around the world would be looking to search for it. Here is a list of some popular fat burning foods that you can eat for weight loss and help you look better.

1. Fruits rich in Vitamin C

2. Granola

3. Leafy green vegetables

4. Salmon and Tuna fish

5. Broccoli and cauliflower

6. Lean beef and chicken

7. Boiled potatoes

8. Soups

9. Apple cider vinegar

10. Pepper

Natural Foods To Gain Or Lose Weight

11. Grapefruits

12. Chia seeds

13. Chickpeas

14. Buttermilk

15. Warm water

In addition to the above, you can also opt for some foods that burn fat while you sleep. These include citrus fruits, cottage cheese, green tea, and nut butter. Please note that weight loss is a holistic and time-intensive process, and that’s exactly why you should go with a personalized weight loss diet plan as offered by a healthcare specialist.

Caution: Hereditary Factors!

You Are Not Always At Fault

You Are Not Always At Fault

Now there is something called hereditary factors. It means that you would tend to become obese or skinny (or at least overweight or underweight respectively) as per your parents’ health. So, if your parents are not exactly the healthiest of people around, or that they have been so at your age, you too would pick up the same characteristics sooner or later in your life. It is not a universal fact but you should at least remain cautious about it.

Since our eating habits are usually formed in our families, it is an easy guess that we also derive their preferences and aversions from them. The same may be appended to the presence of maladies like diabetes and low or high blood pressure too.

Note: We encourage you to know that no whether you are fat or skinny, you should remain happy and positive about your life. It’s your attitude and not your body shape that determines what you would amount to in your life.

Natural and Organic Foods Help a Great Deal

Natural And Organic Foods Help A Great Deal

It’s Time To Junk The Junk

Eating junk foods and resorting to alcohol and/or substance abuse can cause havoc on your digestive system. This list is also appended by pizzas, deep-fried foods, cola drinks, and various types of fast foods. One should rather focus on a fiber-centric diet comprising of natural and organic foods, and go for something that’s not treated with preservatives and pesticides.

The same applies to non-vegetarians too. They would be well advised to stay away from any organically raised poultry animals that have been given hormonal or antibiotic injections. Any form of grass-fed meat is better because it would be rich in fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid.

We encourage you to explore better and more intelligent choices about your food practices through a consultation with a personal dietician or nutritionist. She would be the best person to judge the way your diet should go forward for the best results.

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