How to Annihilate the Most Common Winter Fitness Excuses?

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Simone 20 Jun, 2019

The great outdoors being a cold place during the winters isn’t news for anyone, neither is it a good enough excuse to skip a workout or an entire month of working out. However, it is tempting to settle for any excuse to not exercise when it’s cold, therefore, it’s no surprise that most people gain more weight during the winter season.

To get back into your fitness game, it’s important to understand the difference between genuine reasoning and excuses.

The Following Are Some Common Excuses People Make During Winters and How You Can Avoid Them-

1. The bed is warmWe get it, it’s cold outside and you’re way too comfortable and warm to get out of bed but it’s important that you make your health a priority in such situations. One great way to get out of bed during the winter is set multiple alarms on your phone with messages to yourself. Sometimes being brutal with these messages can actually help.

You can also install a heater in your room and set the timer so that it stops twenty minutes before it’s time for you to wake up. Make sure your workout gear is ready the night before so that you just have to get out of bed and put them on. Getting a workout buddy (preferably one that a bigger fitness fanatic than you) is also an excellent idea.

How to Annihilate the Most Common Winter Fitness Excuses?

2. I’m not motivated enough in the winterWe hear this so much that our minds are etched with the notion that our bodies just can’t deal with working out in the winter, however, this is far from the truth. Sure, you may feel sluggish or blue, but if you have a well thought out plan with milestones and an achievable goal, chances are you’ll be running after them. This could be as simple as increasing your workout time to training to run a marathon in spring.

3. Nobody can see my body under all these layers anywayYour heavy attire should not be a reason for you to let yourself go. Weight gain is linked to a myriad of health complications and there’s a high chance you’ll regret skipping all those workouts once spring hits. You don’t want to put all that hard work to waste and gain a few extra pounds in the winter – you should keep them off at all times.

In addition, once the weather gets warm again, you may shy away from wearing your summer clothes and beach outfits after gaining weight – it’s not worth it.To stay on track, never miss a workout. If you’re unable to work out, try to get at least 15 minutes of exercise in a day. This will ensure that you don’t become lazy.

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