7 Proven Ways to Beat the Habit of Binge Eating Forever!

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Nia 31 May, 2019

What Is Binge Eating Disorder?

Binge Eating Disorder (BED) refers to the phase wherein a person fails to control his or her desire to eat a large amount of food, often at seemingly unusual times. Some people may devour ice creams or sweets while watching a TV show while others may eat French fries and drink cola drinks late at night. It is not just about overeating, but also about eating foods that are not so good for you.

This emotional reaction to eating food leads to weight gain and a weaker metabolism. People suffering from poor self-esteem, boredom, or stress are prone to this habit. What makes it funny is that people on a fitness diet also fall for it and they eat up a lot of stuff that they were not supposed to.

Symptoms of Binge Eating Disorder

symptoms of binge eating disorder

Healthline, a noted health and fitness website, reports that 3.5% of women, 25 of men, and 1.6% of adolescents in the world are suffering from Binge Eating Disorder. This abnormal habit is common among all age groups, races, and income levels in the world.

We are discussing how you can stay away from this overeating disorder (BED) and get yourself in top shape. We would also advise you about how you may take the necessary steps to address the side effects of this disorder.

Here are the symptoms of Binge Eating Disorder:

    •  An uncontrollable desire to eat

    •  Poor sleep patterns

    •  Poor eating and drinking habits

    •  Faster weight gain (Obesity)

    •  Lethargy and sleepiness

    •  A feeling of guilt and sadness

    •  The onset of thyroid or diabetes

  •  Negative self-esteem

How to cure Binge Eating Disorder?

The best thing about this overeating disorder is that it is all about your willpower. It is all there in the mental plane and you can rise above it if you really want it bad enough. You would need to reconsider your eating and sleeping timings, and you would also need to work on your fitness.

Our wellness experts have suggested the following ways to help you get over Binge Eating Disorder faster:

Don’t lose hope

One heavy meal or one day of binge eating won’t have a big impact on your progress. However, if you have been following the same unhealthy routine for a week or month, then it will surely set you back. We advise that you eat small and healthy meals, repeated several times a day. We recommend that you follow this link to know how you can recover from a weekend binge, especially in a festive season.

Tip: A little indulgence would not destroy your week’s efforts if you work out every day.

Be Positive

Don’t punish yourself for slipping up or falling off the wagon. It is better to focus on the reasons that led you to eat improperly and then make a conscious decision to stay away from them. It is important to stay positive and to maintain a positive outlook. The dieting period is full of highs and lows, and it takes some time for your body to acclimatize itself to the new mode of eating.

It also helps to consider why exactly you want to get into a better shape. Maybe it is due to a desire to look stunning at a friends’ wedding or fitting in your favorite pair of denim wear would help. Staying positive and true to your fitness goals is important.

Reassess your calorie count:

You should maintain a journal to note what you are eating at different times of the day. The more you document your food habits, the more motivated you would be to correct them. It would also help you in the long run by making you disciplined and resistant to food cravings.

Check out this link: Addicted To Food? Here are all the calories you need!

Work on your fitness

This could simply be the most important piece of advice you could get. Working out releases endorphins, the chemicals that work as natural painkillers. They also lift our mood as we work out, and their effect is seen in the motivation and happiness that we get from every sweat session.

It is just as beneficial to back up every personal training session with meditation too. You can try Yoga or Zen to calm your mind and resist temptations. While it may be hard to get going with them at first, you would find them of immense value as you press on.

Tip: Taking health supplements to gain or lose weight would only harm you in the long run.

What to Do After a Binge to Not Gain Weight?

What to do after a binge to not gain weight?

Did you have a heavy dinner because it was a party? Did you eat sweets because you were tempted to eat them? This is a crucial juncture to determine if you are suffering from an overeating disorder or if someone else asked you to have some of that pudding, even though you knew it would be dangerous?

It’s time to stand up for yourself and embrace the power of saying “no” on several occasions. Remind yourself not to eat the cake if you can’t exercise portion control and waking up early in the morning to run a 5k race. Once you develop some self-discipline, it would become easier for you to hold your ground against temptations in a better way.

Expert tips to control the habit of overeating

Here are some other smart tips to control overeating:

Crash or fad diets are not the solution:

disadvantages of crash dieting

Just because you have blown your calorie budget at lunch doesn’t mean that skipping dinner is a solution to it. If you try to severely restrict your calorie intake to make up for the splurge, it is likely to backfire. It may also set you up for a never-ending cycle of blowing the budget.

Skipping meals causes ravenous hunger and then everything edible looks like food. The best solution is to just chalk it up as a small splurge and continue with your healthy eating plan. If you are suffering from thyroid, you should consult your doctor for a supporting diet plan and medications.

Get Support:

Weight loss is not easy, so make sure you have enough support to create lasting change. In order to discuss emotional eating and barriers to change, it is advised to get some professional support from a dietitian or a counselor.

Join dance and meditation classes

You can also choose to go for dance-based sessions with a Zumba expert. You can add your friends or neighbors to go to the studio or even do them at your home. It would be best to invite your friends to your place and then signup for these virtual classes through on-demand video sessions.

Compulsive Eating Disorder Can Be Beaten Too!

Even if you blew off your calorie budget, it still is nice to know that splurges are part of daily life. We should eat and drink in moderation to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to have a positive height to weight ratio (BMI).

You would always remain free to have your say in what you eat, the important point is to remain disciplined and focused. Compulsive and overeating disorders would make little difference if you have a goal and are willing to invest your time in it by resisting temptations.

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