11 Superfoods You Must Eat for Weight Loss in 2021

What Is a Superfood?

The word “superfood” is used to describe any food that comes from a natural source and contains a highly concentrated, complex supply of high-quality nutrients with the least negative properties.

Due to their high nutritional content, superfoods can be considered an excellent addition to a healthy diet. Superfoods are not a new concept and many of them date back to ancient times. They have shot back into prominence because they are considered the best foods for weight loss and offer several health-centric benefits that go well beyond their acceptance or popularity.

Most people take them as regular health food for a variety of reasons. Some may go for them to get their dose of nutrients, some choose them to get instant energy, some go to them to burn excess belly fat, and some merely to add a healthy and natural flavor to their foods.

Benefits of Superfoods

Benefits of superfoods

Whatever reasons you may have, you can expect these healthy superfoods to help you stay away from eating unhealthy calories in the form of French fries, cola drinks, fatty sweets, and alcoholic beverages. They are indeed a good option to eat and to stay in shape, besides to build immunity in lesser time.

Here’s why you should opt for superfoods to reduce your BMI and to lose weight faster:

1. Rich in nutrients

2. Improve immunity

3. Reduce the risk of heart diseases

4. Improve metabolism

5. May prevent diabetes

6. Reduce inflammation

7. Hydrate internal organs

8. A good option for snacks

What are the foods to eat that lose weight in the stomach?

Foods to eat to lose weight in the stomach

We got around our wellness experts last week to figure out the best 12 superfoods that you could eat to lose extra flab or weight in your belly and lower body. These foods are easily available in your supermarket at affordable prices and you can include them in your regular diet.

Here is our list of some amazing superfoods that could be readily available near you, and you easily make them a part of your daily routine. 2021 could be a year of your fitness and what could be a better way to have better health than eating your way to it?


Maca is a turnip-like root vegetable native to the Andean mountains in Peru and is rich in amino acids, phytonutrients, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. As a hormonal balancer, it also helps in normalizing the metabolic process so your body spends less time setting itself right and having a better BMI.

Another point in its favor is that it increases your power of resistance against stress, a major cause of unwanted weight gain. This superfood has a normalizing influence on your body’s multiple systems because it is high in fiber, a fact that makes it one of the best fat-burning foods available out there.

Tip: Maca also possesses the amino acid building blocks of serotonin, helping to support your mental health and reduce cravings for artificial stimulants, like refined sugar and caffeine.

Goji Berries

These little orange-red berries originally from China are best known for their anti-aging properties, but they can also be a great addition to your diet for weight loss due to their amazing nourishing and healing qualities. With high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants, Goji berries are also the only food known to stimulate human growth hormone (HGH) naturally.

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If you are exercising, these berries would provide you with the requisite count of minerals that have anti-inflammatory qualities, so goji berries might help your muscles to heal more quickly after a workout, helping you to have a toned physique with less pain.

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Chlorella, a form of clean algae, is an incredibly efficient source of protein and is renowned for its cleansing and detoxifying abilities. It possesses 19 amino acids, including all ten essential amino acids, as well as all essential fatty acids and a host of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. A regular part of the Japanese diet, it is a regular addition to several weight loss meals prepared there.

As one of the best fat-burning foods, chlorella is a lot like maca and goji berries, except that it can also speed up the processes of cell regeneration, healing, and muscle recovery. It also has antioxidants that slow down aging. If not for anything else, you may have some of them to boost your immune system.


Cacao is one of the most delicious and healthy superfoods that you can add to your diet of weight loss meals. Some of the health-enhancing qualities of cacao include its ability to ease symptoms of PMS, boost blood sugar levels, improve metabolism, and boost mood.

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The high magnesium content can also help with bone strength, the chromium helps balance blood sugar levels. Eating cacao can make you feel positive because it releases endorphins in your body and thus eliminates stress. We recommend that you prefer raw cacao to get the best results.


Spinach is one of the best vegetables for improving digestion and to improve metabolism. A nutritional powerhouse, it can be had for lunch in soups, sandwiches, and pasta dishes. It ranks high on the superfoods list for weight loss because it is easy to digest and is rich in iron.

Every 3.5 ounce of raw spinach contains Vitamins A, C, and K1 besides 23 calories and 2.9 grams of protein. It contains a meager amount of sugar (about 0.4 gms) that makes it an obvious choice for diabetics. (However, we are not saying that you would become Popeye by eating spinach).


Avocado is a complete dose of nutrition in itself. Though this fruit is high in fat, it is also loaded with fat-busting nutrients like fiber and vitamin B5. As one of the most popular and the best foods for weight loss, it offers a high dose of vitamins B-6, B-3, C, E, and K, besides pantothenic acid, magnesium, folate, and potassium. It is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

It can help in optimizing your metabolism and thus help you burn fat at a much faster rate. If you have a potbelly, an avocado can help you because this fruit burns fat at a much faster rate. They also reduce the appetite and decrease the desire to indulge in binge eating or drinking.

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These hairy monsters are majorly packed with vitamin C. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that plays a crucial role in helping your liver detoxify your blood and keep a myriad of other bodily functions moving along smoothly.

Tip: If you are looking to shed some extra belly fat, you should try kiwi. This citrus fruit is rich in vitamins C, K, E, and folate- a fact that makes it one of the most popular foods that you may eat to lose weight in your stomach.

These superfoods are the perfect travel food too. You can eat them without using a knife because their skin is edible skin and its hairy exterior softens as you start to chew. Enjoy kiwi in the form of gazpacho or sweet & spicy salads with your chips. Just two kiwis can keep you going for hours too!


Just like other citrus fruits, cherries are also high in water content. The water content from the fruits is retained more efficiently by the body than just drinking a glass of water. Other than this, cherries are high in phytonutrients like anthocyanin that are good for the liver.

Another reason to consider them in your breakfast is to start a faster rate of fat burning in the body. Cherries can ease aches and pains when eaten early in the morning. They can also help with weight loss. No wonder, they are the go-to superfoods for weight loss diet plans in several parts of the world.


Mushrooms are loved by all health-conscious people. These edible fruits are low in calories, have anti-cancer-killing compounds, and are rich in Niacin (Vitamin B3) that helps keep blood cholesterol in check. This is a must-have superfood that can be enjoyed in the form of pasta, gravy, stuffed, or roasted!

Quinoa is also a superfood that you can consider to boost your immunity. As one of the best foods for weight loss, it offers a high concentration of dietary fibers, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron minerals. You can eat it every day even if you are allergic to gluten or have some digestive disorders.


A part of the cruciferous family, broccoli is another on the list of the best vegetables for weight loss. It is often hailed as a superfood exclusively meant for weight loss candidates. This green vegetable has cancer-fighting compounds along with a long list of essential nutrients. Broccoli is a supercharged vitamin-packed veggie because it’s so easy to cook, has a mild flavor, and is easy to digest.

What Are the Healthiest Oils to Cook Food?

Healthiest oils to cook food

Choosing a healthy oil is just as important to choose the right food because that’s just where you would be cooking it. Obesity and heart diseases are just as common in New York’s metropolitan area in the US as they would be in some unknown village in Africa, and it is all about the ingredients that are used to make that oil.

It is for this reason that we ask you to go with the following healthy oils to cook food:

1. Coconut oil

2. Canola oil

3. Olive oil

4. Peanut oil

5. Sunflower oil

6. Flaxseed oil

7. Sesame oil

We would just as nicely ask you to stay away from the oils made of soybean, corn, and palm oils. They are rich in saturated fats and can spike up bad cholesterol levels. This can cause long-term health issues to your heart and liver.

Consult an Online Professional Dietitian to Know Which Superfoods Are Best for You!

Going for superfoods can help nourish the brain, muscles, bones, organs, immune system, hair, skin, and nails and can correct an imbalance in the diet, better priming the body for weight loss. However, they are not the end-all solution to stay fit and to provide all the required nutrition content to you over a period of time. A healthy diet would include a combination of live, raw plant foods, and regular exercise.

We would recommend that you get in touch with a fitness expert or a qualified nutritionist online today. He or she would help you with a personalized diet plan that you can use for building your way up. Eating these above-mentioned superfoods would surely help you in the longer run. As a smart tip, you can also ask them to create a personalized quick weight loss diet plan that you can also use when you join a gym.

We are sure this diet plan would include most of the options above that we have mentioned as the best foods for weight loss!

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