Going for Dieting? Don’t Do It, Please!

Dieting is the funniest word in English Literature.

The word ‘diet’ is a misnomer because the word ‘diet’ itself means the sum of food that we consume. It thus also signifies the sum of nutrients that we take in our body to manage our health and wellness. However, the word ‘dieting’ suddenly becomes different because it refers to take a limited amount of nutrients and special kinds of foods instead of the combination that you’d rather have.

Most people do dieting only to shed some extra pounds and to look more attractive. They are the ones who feel that an undue gain in their weight leads to a bad self-image and this makes them less confident. So to look more agile and thin and skinny, they start skipping foods that once loved so much.

This leaves their body in a spot of bother as it is now devoid of a vast range of nutrients. What’s worse is that they swing back to gain even more weight once they stop erratic periods of staying hungry because their body goes back to compensate for all the lost time quickly. We shall discuss the same scenario a little later in this blog post.

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Dieting May Lead You to Faster Weight Gain!

A noted health and fitness journal, MarciaPell reports that 95% of all diets fail and most people (who chose to undergo dieting) regain their lost weight within 1-5 years. Three in four American women admitted to having unhealthy thoughts, feelings, and self-harming behaviors once they reduced their foods by a huge margin. If that wasn’t enough, one out of the same four women also gave up on dieting within the first two weeks of starting it.

The above pieces of statistics show that eating less in an unplanned manner only comes back to hurt the person practicing it. MevoLife’s fitness experts also claim that going on such erratic and ill-advised food deprivation sprees only makes you fatter because you then tend to eat a lot more once the restrictions are over. This could lead you to faster weight gain and much-lowered self-esteem because you are haunted by your guilt of indiscipline.

Disadvantages of Dieting

Dieting, as an unplanned move, only brings about a host of physical and mental ailments. You would almost always find heavy eaters indulging in heavy eating afterward, complaining that they can’t get over the temptation and irritability. This makes them cranky as they continue to scold themselves and some of them even start to lose out on hope. This shortcoming hurts their self-image too.

Here are some of the emotional and mental experiences that may result from a botched-up dieting episode:

1. Difficulty concentrating and fatigue

2. Guilt

3. Irritability

4. Stress, Fatigue, and Anxiety

5. Self-blame

6. Depression

7. Feeling of giddiness

8. Lowered metabolic rate

9. Lower energy levels

10. Sleepiness

11. Easier and faster weight gain

12. Lack of required vitamins and proteins

13. Irregular weight changes may even lead to Type 2 Diabetes

The most important point to consider while discussing the disadvantages of dieting is Newton’s Third Law. Simply put, it states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It means that whenever we are depriving our body of quality nutrients over a period of time, our body responds in kind measure by craving for the nutrients even more. This results in more cravings and repulsion from staying away from food.

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An unplanned experience of dieting can cause a series of unwanted and unhealthy changes in our bodies. This may include severe mood swings, reduced bone density, anger and frustration, hormonal changes, menstrual disturbances, and lower resting energy expenditure. Last but not least, it may even turn into long-term bad effects because your body switches off to an energy-saving mode.

How to Lose Weight Naturally?

Losing excess weight is always welcomed. We intend to make a clear distinction between losing excess weight and doing unplanned dieting. The former is more than welcome most of the time but the latter is not.

So even if you succeed in losing some weight with dieting, your body will switch to recuperate that loss as soon as you switch to better eating habits. This might even result in gaining even more weight than you had lost in the first place!

18 Expert Tips to Lose Weight Faster!

We are thus offering 18 expert tips through which you could lose weight naturally and in a calculated manner. These tips are all based on common sense and they won’t ask you to something as weird as catching a fly with your chopstick or going on foot to your neighboring country.

We suggest you go through them and learn how you can how to lose weight in the fastest way possible:

1. Start your day with a glass of warm water (you may add lemon and honey to it)

2. Switch to Keto diet

3. Say no to processed and fast foods, including cola drinks

4. Eat more proteins and vitamins

5. Eat whole foods

6. Say no to alcohol and substance abuse

7. Quit sugar

8. Drink black coffee

9. Drink water

10. Start your day with green tea

11. Drink lemonade and fruit juices

12. Say no to carbohydrates

13. Observe fasts in a periodic manner

14. Eat more fiber

15. Switch to fruits and green vegetables

16. Choose Soy or Whey proteins

17. Add green or red chilies to your foods

18. Take small servings on small plates

It would come highly advised that you exercise a lot more, even jogging or cycling would help. As you become more proficient, you can switch to the more sophisticated exercises like Cardio, Strength Training, and High-Intensity Interval Training. Meditating under a Yoga expert would also help you just as much.

Dieting Is Not the Solution!

We are not exactly depicting ‘dieting’ as some kind of evil but done in an unplanned manner, it is sure to court disaster. A smart solution to losing weight naturally and an alternative to dieting would be to consult an Online Wellness Expert. As a Personal Nutritionist, this qualified professional can surely advise you with a more qualified approach.

You deserve to look the best version of yourself. Instead of taking shortcuts to it (like trying to lose weight in 2 weeks or staying hungry for extended durations), you would always be better off taking some qualified consultation from someone who knows better than most of us. Remember, it is your life to live and you should live it the best!

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