11 Eating Habits of Slim People That Can Change Your Life Forever!

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Smita 27 Dec, 2019

Have you ever looked at someone with a svelte figure or rock-solid abs and felt a twinge of envy deep inside you? Did they just come across as too perfect, too irresistible while you are busy wondering how you could reduce that bulging waistline and belly of yours? This is what our wellness experts recommend doing to develop a leaner body and be more agile and gorgeous than ever!

Wondering, wishing, and dreaming about how you could get skinny and attractive is perhaps the easiest job in the world- especially when it is about losing weight. One can spend hours thinking and searching the internet for it, take up restrictive diets - and even stress about it when nothing goes your way.

But nothing would work unless you change your eating habits.

The key to losing weight and being skinny or developing a leaner frame (whatever you call it) is to stay disciplined about one’s eating habits. It is about having nutritious foods in the right quantity and at the right time. It also means strictly following a fitness-centric workout schedule, staying away from indulgent eating habits, and repeating the process all over again every day.

What is a balanced diet and why is it important?

The basis of good fitness passes through the equatorial position of a balanced diet.

A highly personalized representation of a person’s energy input and output, it is just the roadmap that describes the list of nutrients that one may be lacking to live properly. We all have different cultural and religious beliefs, different home and work schedules, and the same applies to our eating habits.

Without balanced nutrition, we cannot work efficiently. We would be down with tiredness, illnesses, infections, stress, less energetic, sleepy, and just about uninterested in everything. This would also affect us at a mental and psychological level because we won’t be able to focus on anything properly.

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Consulting an Online Wellness Expert:

consulting virtual wellness expert for nutrition and diet and to burn fat

A wellness expert is the best person to help you with an answer to the trouble. She can offer you the aforementioned diet chart (or diet plan) to answer how you can gain or lose weight faster and stay healthy. This could help you beat weight management issues faster. Persisting with her advice would only help you with a lot of health benefits.

If you don’t know one, you can use this link to get in touch with a professional nutritionist online right now. All you would need is your smartphone and a valid MevoLife account to get started. You can avail of an on-demand virtual consultation with an expert of your choice, and she would also help you with a balanced diet chart.

What is Body Mass Index (BMI)?

Body Mass Index or BMI is a standardized value related to the ratio of the mass and the square of the height of a person. It is expressed in units of kg/m², and the units taken for the measurement are kilograms and meters for weight and height respectively.

How does it affect your weight loss profile?

You should check your Body Mass Index first to know how far up or down the road you are with your fitness levels. Anything above a BMI of 25 is termed overweight and anything above 30 is termed obese. However, if you have a BMI of less than 18.5, you could be malnourished and underweight. In that case, you would need to gain some weight and bring yourself to healthier levels.

By being skinny, we imply the healthier people who have a BMI between 18.5 and 24.5.

This is the ideal value of the health index that one should aim for. There is no need to feel alarmed or discouraged if your BMI does not correspond to these two limits- it only means that you need to work a little harder than others to get into those skinny-fit pairs of jeans before Christmas this year.

How to lose weight faster at home?

Losing (or gaining) weight is not an abrupt change and neither should it be approached thus. Secondly, being obese or overweight is not something that you should always blame yourself for because there may also be hereditary, medical, or likewise.

But there are a set of simple eating habits that slim people follow at home. They are the secrets to their staying healthy, feeling fit, and looking like a million bucks. Here are some of them:

They’re smart about eating out

Slim people eat out as an indulgence, not a habit. They choose restaurants that offer healthy options (salads, low-calorie variations). They avoid buffets like anathema (the temptation to sample all the dishes can mean thousands of calories).

They choose dishes carefully

Skinny and leaner people eat foods that are grilled, baked, boiled, or roasted as opposed to pan-fried or deep-fried. They order a salad to fill up on a healthy starter and share their main dish with a companion. They choose clear soups and cold soups over thick and creamy ones.

They stay away from indulgence

It means being careful with sides and extras. Reaching for the complimentary bread basket and slathering on some butter means you’ve consumed a chunk of calories before your meal has even been served. Slim people skip extras like cheese, French fries, and sauces loaded with calories.

Instead, they opt for healthier sides like coleslaw or bean salads but go easy on salad dressings which can be packed with calories.

They eat healthy snacks

eating healthy granola snacks and fruits for fitness

When they snack, they snack healthy (think whole grain, low-fat variants). Fruits are packed with healthy nutrients and are incredibly filling due to their fiber content. Slim people tend to enjoy seasonal fruits as a snack rather than reaching for that bar of chocolate.

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Healthier people eat mindfully

They eat slowly, chew, and relish the food. Wolfing down your food does not give your body time to send signals to your brain that you are satiated. Slim people pace their meals and allow their brains to register a sense of fullness (usually 20 minutes) so they don’t overeat.

They chew foods properly

The simplest of all tips to lose weight is to chew your food properly. The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found that people who chewed 50-100% more than they usually did decrease their food intake by 9.5% and 14.8% respectively.

Portion control

They exercise portion control. Eating one slice of pizza isn’t nearly as bad as downing a beer and four slices of pizza. Slim people tend to eat small portions, especially when they’re indulging in high-calorie foods. The same applies to eating high-calorie junk foods in festive seasons and get-togethers.

They stay away from junk food

Slim people avoid empty calories (e.g. cola drinks) which contain no nutrients whatsoever and are calorie-rich. They drink water– it’s calorie-free, it’s good for the skin, it keeps them hydrated, and it is the easiest of all fluids available. If they must drink something except water for the sake of flavor, they choose low-calorie options like lemon water, buttermilk, or coconut water.

They read the labels carefully

read nutrition labels of health foods and drinks in a supermarket

They read labels when they go grocery shopping and avoid buying food labeled rich or creamy. Slim and skinny people buy healthy food so they’ll eat healthy food. Next time you go grocery shopping, you should make note of a slim woman’s cart. More often than not it will be filled with fruits and vegetables rather than processed or canned foods.

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They have fats and carbs in the proper amount

Stop considering ‘Carbs’ as the devil. They provide energy to your brain and help in increasing serotonin levels to curb your appetite, thus helping you to feel emotionally better. You should choose the ones that are high in fiber such as whole grains, fruits, and beans because they will keep you full for long.

They follow the 80:20 Rule

Eat whatever you want but only until you are full. Studies have shown that the 80:20 rule is useful to boost up the weight loss process. Eat whatever you like but eat slowly so that your mind gets time to signal your stomach that it is full. Doesn’t it sound great to have whatever you like, even if in smaller quantities?

How to lose weight in a week?

Losing (or gaining) weight is a natural process that can only be accelerated with proper or improper eating habits. Technically, you can’t lose a lot of weight overnight or even in a week. It is also important to stay away from resorting to ill-advised means like abrupt dieting, crash dieting, deliberately abstaining from foods, or popping weight loss pills.

They are all sure to backfire and cause long-term health risks. It is always better to take the natural and safer way of working out, jogging, practicing Yoga or Zen, and observing better eating habits as advised by experts. Inculcating these good habits will help you lose extra flab faster and be skinnier than today.

Weight loss exercises you can do at home

Working out or doing yoga early in the morning is undoubtedly the best way to lose weight in a calculated and linear way. As an energy-intensive habit, it kicks off your metabolism process and improves your blood circulation besides burning off extra calories as fat from your body.

If you’d like to develop a leaner body mass, you should take to several endurance-building exercises like HIIT and Pilates, besides doing Yoga asanas like Surya Namaskar (or Sun Salutation). The sum of these two endeavors would help you develop physical and mental resilience to push further with confidence.

What to eat before and after a workout to lose weight?

beat pre and post-high-energy workout foods for online fitness experts

It is just as important to consider your pre- and post-workout eating options to maximize the advantage. You should follow this simplistic fitness mantra that calories eaten should be equal to or a little more than the calories expended. Be sure to tank yourself up before and after every sweat session to replenish the energy reserves in your body.

1. You can start with quinoa, sweet potato, yogurt, nuts and dry fruits, fruit juice, granola bar, and some oatmeal before you start working out.

2. You can have an omelet, cottage cheese, milk, scrambled eggs, soybean, chickpeas, fruits, whole-grain cereal and bread, and protein bars.

You should get in touch with a fitness trainer virtually to get a more qualified and personalized view of your dietary requirements. You may derive result-focused expert assistance for your sweat sessions and a personalized diet chart as per your BMI profile and requirements in one live session.

Why is chewing food properly so important?

To lose weight, people are willing to try just anything – be it fad diets, new exercise patterns, or weight loss supplements. It is estimated that Americans spend about $40 billion every year on weight-loss-related products and programs. But could you imagine that weight control can be as simple and as cheap as chewing your food more?

Chewing the food for longer makes you attentive towards the taste, smell, texture, and food which is likely to contribute to your better management of hunger levels. Further apart from helping you keep the weight problems away, chewing your food is surely going to contribute towards better digestion and help in the smoother functioning of the overall digestive system in your body!

Along with chewing the food around 30-40 times, you should observe the following healthy eating habits:

  • Avoid distractions like TV, music, chatting while eating food

  • Manage the portion size and try to divide your meals

  • Be mindful of healthy food when you choose your meals

Research backs these principles too

Scientists have suggested that chewing your food for longer may help you lose weight. A study says that munching on each mouthful for longer significantly reduces the number of calories consumed during a meal. Slowly chewing the food also appears to lower the levels of ghrelin, the ‘hunger hormone’, circulating in the digestive system.

  • A study was conducted on 16 slim men and 14 obese men in their late teens or twenties to evaluate the impact of chewing on weight loss.

  • Volunteers who chewed each mouthful 40 times ate 12 percent less food than those who chewed just 15 times. It is thought chewing for longer prevents overeating by giving the brain more time to receive signals from the stomach that it is full.

The results found that, although the obese men chewed at the same speed as the slim ones, they swallowed their food much more quickly.

In the second experiment, both groups were given another portion of pork pie to chew 40 times and then swallow.

  • Researchers found that when volunteers chewed for longer consumed 11.9 % fewer calories, regardless of whether they were slender or obese.

  • Blood tests taken 90 minutes after eating showed volunteers also had much lower levels of ghrelin when they had chewed each portion 40 times rather than 10-15 times.

How to get rid of excess flab and develop leaner muscles?

The healthier and skinnier people are not eating anything different from you, it’s just that they are having their foods and drinks in a more calculated manner than you are. However, that in itself is no cause for worry as long as you are willing to correct your eating habits and timings and are working out every day to maximize your lead.

You can start with a personalized diet chart and follow it to build leaner muscles. To get one for yourself, you should consult a nutritionist virtually to know how far down the road of indulgence you are and how much effort it would take you to get into a fitter shape. It would take you some time to get going, it won’t be easy but would be worth it in the end!

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