Why All Online Healthcare Experts Ask You to Drink Green Tea to Be Fitter?

Did you know?

  • Tea is the most popular beverage in the world

  • Green tea isn’t green in color

  • The best form of green tea is made of unbroken and chemically untreated tea leaves

  • Green tea bags should not be left in hot water for more than 3 minutes

  • If the tea tastes bitter, chances are that it has not been prepared properly

  • It can significantly prolong your resistance to sunburns Coffee and green tea

  • It can treat your skin-related issues

  • If you feel stung with an injection, applying a wet tea bag would soothe you

  • All green tea leaves come from the same plant- Camellia sinensis- but they are treated differently to make various forms of green tea

  • Green tea is not as habit-forming as coffee is, and

  • It can help you get over your addiction to caffeine

The above list adds up to that of the known benefits of drinking green tea. This explains why so many healthcare and wellness professionals recommend making this all-natural beverage a regular part of your daily schedule.

Why All Online Healthcare Experts Ask You To Drink Green Tea To Be Fitter?

Those seeking some specific results like weight-loss or anti-aging benefits will always find this beverage a healthier and smarter alternative to regular milk tea. The reason is that it doesn’t tax the digestive system and rather draws out the toxins from the body. Since it can only be consumed with hot water, you can be reasonably sure that it would only hydrate you by one cup at a time.

Why Do Healthcare Specialists Advise You to Have It?

Doctors know that prevention is better than cure. This low-caffeine, all-natural beverage has top-of-the-notch medicinal properties that can stem the flow of certain maladies. Most virtual healthcare experts do recommend this beverage to caffeine-addicts and those suffering from digestive system disorders or those looking for a faster weight loss experience.

Why All Online Healthcare Experts Ask You To Drink Green Tea To Be Fitter?

What if you need something tastier and more caffeine-oriented? Well, coffee and tea do contain hefty amounts of caffeine and other chemicals. But they only cause you to dehydrate and your body is forced to work overtime to flush the toxins out.

This water-based beverage is milder and has a very low concentration of caffeine. This can help those coffee- and tea-addicts who prefer to start their day with a “kick” but do not want to stick to them because they can affect the blood pressure and blood sugar levels abruptly.


Not that consuming coffees and teas is bad, rather far from it. These beverages too come with their own set of benefits but there is a point where people just gulp down cups and cups of them, only to end up in a hospital ward paying medical bills amounting to several grands. Excess of everything is bad.

The same thing applies just as easily to green tea as well. both contain caffeine, a substance that can cause insomnia, nervousness, irritability, cramps, high blood pressure, and vomiting when taken in excess. Green tea is also a mild derivative of caffeine and you can surely court some disaster if you continue to take it compulsively.

Why All Online Healthcare Experts Ask You To Drink Green Tea To Be Fitter?

Here are some precautions you should consider while consuming green tea:

1. It can be taken as the first thing in the morning. However, you should drink some water before and after it

2. Take it between two meals with at least two hours to spare between each

3. Don’t take it just before you are going to bed

4. Teabags should only be used once for making tea. They can then be taken for external use like cleaning up skin or washing hair

5. Don’t prepare or drink it piping hot

6. Don’t take any medicines with hot tea

7. Don’t let the tea leaves brew for more than 3 minutes in warm water

8. Don’t add any sugar or artificial flavors to it

9. Drink it slowly

There’s Caution Ahead!

There’s Caution Ahead!

Do not take green tea with honey at night. Also do not mix any honey in warm water because it can destroy all the goodness of the tea and honey. The ancient Indian medicinal science ‘Ayurveda’ maintains that you should not consume honey that has been boiled directly or indirectly above 42 degrees Celsius.

How Much Green Tea Should I Drink?

You should not take more than two cups of tea in 24 hours. While you may stretch it up to three, it is safe to remember that anything more might upset your stomach or can affect your blood sugar levels abruptly.

Unbroken Tea Leaves

The herbal tea tastes and works best when had in its most natural form- that is, when it is not treated with chemicals and has not been excessively dried in the sun. This is an important aspect to consider for anyone wishing to have the most of its goodness.

The market is full of spurious quality of this herbal beverage. We thus recommend you to ensure that its flavoring components like tannins and essential oils are naturally retained as much as possible. The good thing is that such tea leaves are easy to find as they are marked with categories like “unbroken” and “premium.”

PS: You may also go for some popular variants or flavors like mint, ginger, detox, anti-stress, herbal, etc.

Weight Loss and Green Tea

Weight Loss and Green Tea

Best Time To Drink Green Tea For Flat Tummy

Green Tea (when taken in moderation) can help you get rid of indigestion, stress, acidity, sleeplessness, and can help your digestive system calm down a little bit. It also fights signs of obesity and dehydration by burning excess fat in our bodies when taken first thing in the morning.

One should note that this herbal and all-natural beverage is alkaline and thus drinking it early morning reduces acidity in the stomach. It also stimulates the digestive system and makes the role of digestive organs and enzymes easier. If you could take some warm water before and after having the tea, it would provide you with maximum advantage.

Go Green!

We welcome you to make a switch to a healthier lifestyle by making some smarter changes to the way you go about your routine. You can consider talking to an online healthcare expert to chalk out a plan on how you can live healthier and live better.

These are qualified professionals who have ample experience of working for these expectations and they would help you make the right choice. Starting with a personalized 7-day dieting plan could be the next stop for you, once you have got past the first step.

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