What Ingredients, Herbs, & Nutritious Values to Find in a Premium Green Tea

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Aditya 29 May, 2020

For its numerous health benefits, Green Tea is now used worldwide as a healthy substitute for regular coffee, black tea, and other beverages. The main attraction is nutrients and antioxidants in Green tea. Drinking green tea has a positive effect on the body, weight, stress, and boosts energy levels with daily consumption.

If you are one of those who just love drinking green tea after a long day or between meals, you already know there are a lot of options available for green tea in the market. But, let us tell you that all of them are not as good as they claim to be.

If you want to know more about how to select the best product for you, which one will be most effective for your weight loss, check out the best ingredients to look for below in a pack of green tea.

By the end of this article, you will learn about the ingredients of premium green tea, its benefits, and several types of green tea. Also, to keep it more interesting, we are adding some of the best green tea recipes to make your sip more flavor-rich beverage.

Green Tea - the Miracle Drink!

Green Tea - the miracle drink!

Green Tea is also regarded as a miracle drink because of its benefits. It is made from the leaves and buds of Camellia sinensis. The types of green tea are based on the various types of buds of Camellia sinensis, methods of horticulture, time of harvest, processing, and production.

Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants that can even protect you against cancer. The same has been proven with a study that showed that green tea drinkers are less likely to get to cancer than coffee drinkers. Isn’t it a miracle drink?

Ingredients, Herbs, & Nutritious Values in Green Tea

Catechins: The main ingredients of green tea are catechins. They are polyphenol, the main astringency component in green tea. They are also known as tannins. They are responsible for a lot of benefits for our bodies. They help decrease blood cholesterol, body fat, and can also prevent cancer effects.

The catechins are full of antioxidants that also prevent tooth decay and exhibit an antibacterial, anti-hyperglycemic, and anti-influenza effect. Besides, they inhibit high blood pressure and remove bad breath.

Caffeine: This is the bitterness component in tea. But don’t hate it because of its taste. Caffeine is the reason why drinking tea when tired from work or study can make a person feel refreshed. It increases alertness, stamina, decreases tiredness, and drowsiness. It is also the no. 1 remedy for a hangover as it acts as a mild diuretic.

What Ingredients, Herbs, & Nutritious Values to find in a Premium Green Tea

Theanine (Full-bodied flavor component): Green tea has unique characteristics of providing full-bodied, rich flavor relaxing effect. Theanine, a type of amino acid, is responsible for the same. See, the interesting thing about amino acids is that our bodies also produce them by breaking down food and amino acids present in green tea contribute to full-bodied flavor.

They are also responsible for neuronal cell protection and promoting α (alpha) wave production. Another promising effect of amino acid in green tea is lowering the blood pressure. Nutrients and Vitamins: Drinking green tea is more beneficial to you than you ever could have imagined.

First, you have to ensure that it is full of vitamins as it is good for your health. Premium green tea contains a lot of vitamins. Vitamins are essential nutrients for the body but they cannot be produced within the body. Remember this next time you pass a chance to have a good brew of green tea.

Premium green tea contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, Folic acid, β-carotene, and Vitamin E. Collectively, they help maintain healthy skin, mucus membrane, night time vision, and prevent fetal neural tube defects as well as arteriosclerosis.

What Are the Best Green Tea Benefits?

Other than the benefits and positive effects described above from the contents in green tea, there are more fruitful components in a premium green tea. It has saponins that help in keeping blood pressure in control. Saponins also contribute to the anti-influenza effect of green tea.

Some high-quality blends of green tea contain fluoride which prevents tooth decay. On top of that, green tea also contains minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, and so on.

What Are the Types of Green Teas

What are the types of Green Teas

Lemon & Ginger

If you are looking for the best quality green tea to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Lemon & Ginger Green Tea is a perfect solution for you. This green tea comes with additional advantages of lemon and ginger that make the taste better than the normal one. This green tea bag comes with a refreshing aroma and many health benefits with zero calories.

Herbal Green Tea

Herbal Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks. The promising part is that it not only tastes good but it also helps detox the body. Now, what are the ingredients in it? Herbal green tea is a perfect balance of herbs and spices that contain many beneficial components for our health.

Organic Green Tea

The Organic Green Tea is one of the best products for immunity and cardiovascular systems. It also has energy-boosting properties and is quite effective for weight loss. The natural combination of all organic products protects your body from free radicals and the abundance of antioxidants makes it your best beverage.

Best Green Tea Recipes for Good Health and Taste

Best Green Tea Recipes for Good Health and Taste

Green Ginger Mint Tea

It is one of the most popular digestive green tea recipes. You have to take some green tea and mint leaves. Roll them into small balls that unfurl in hot water. Once they release a slightly bitter, smoky infusion, it’s ready. Add some ice and honey to make it a refreshing brew.

Mango Calendula Ceylon Tea

If you hate hot drinks in summers, this recipe of green tea will make your day. When sweetened with mango and ginger, green gunpowder makes for refreshing afternoon drinks or light, fruity iced teas. If you like, add some sugar after steeping to enhance the fruity flavor.

Happy Sipping!

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