Green Tea: This Is How You Can Eat Your Cake and Have It Too!

If it were only about sipping one hot cup of green tea, it wouldn’t be so different from coffee.

Green Tea is a unique blend of tea that is made from half-oxidized leaves of a plant called Camellia sinensis. A gift from China to the world, this variety of tea differs from its black variant in the way that it doesn’t use milk and works best when sugar is not added to it.

It is packed to the hilt with a truckload of benefits related to several parts of our body and this centrally includes our skin, liver, and heart that come to the party when consumed as first thing in the morning.

It is mighty easy to prepare your first cup of green tea and it doesn’t usually take any more than boiling water to get going with it, but it is what happens after you have had your cup of tea is what makes it so different. This bland-taste beverage continues to serve you even after you have long gulped down your cup.

This angelic reputation is due to a stellar combination of its strained leaves, liquid extracts, residues, and you may also count flushed-out tea bags in the same range.

Green Tea: Beneficial to the Last Drop!

Green Tea: Beneficial to the last drop!

Through this blog post, we are investigating the immense benefits that every single cup of green tea brings, regardless of whether it is prepared from leaves or tea bags. Every single cup of this tea wards off a mile-long list of ailments and health issues, and the list primarily includes diabetes, cancers, and heart diseases.

This is to second to satiate everyone’s craving for waking up with a healthy bedside beverage first thing in the morning! Let’s assume that you have prepared a cup of green tea from one or two tea bags. You drink your tea and then what do you do with the tea bags? Do you throw them away?

Bad call, because these green tea bags are still just as potent as a weapon against skin issues- for you may first use them to reduce any swelling or blackening around your eyes. You may also use them to treat the wrinkles around your eyes and to tighten the skin there.

If it were not all, you may even use them to cleanse the skin on your face, and even take out a few blackheads on your nose (if any). Taking the last point into consideration, you may even use the green tea bags or leaves as a facial scrub.

Green Tea: This is how you can eat your cake and have it too!

It is a 100% natural preparation and you may best use it to exfoliate your skin by treating blackheads and other blemishes. It is best to use it while the tea bag is a bit hot because you may not get the same results when it has been kept aside for some time.

Here’s a dynamite of an idea that you can use with green tea bags and/or discarded green tea leaves- you can use it to treat your sunburns. All you would need to do is to brew some green tea and then dip a thick piece of cotton cloth in it. Slowly apply it as a heat pack to bring out the dead skin and other infections, and you would see a marked difference in as little as an hour.

For easy starters, one may simply use the soaked piece of cloth (or tea bags) on your face to wipe it of any excess oil there too. It is just as neat an idea to put the same piece of cloth or tea bags to let your lips remain hydrated for some time. The warmth and a count of antioxidants would bring your lips back to life in as little as 15 minutes!

Liquid Extracts

Liquid extracts

Centered on a near 20% content of powerful antioxidants called polyphenols, green tea is one of your best bets to fight against signs of aging. Consuming this beverage in a properly advised manner can help you get a skin that is elastic, young, fresh and soft.

The residuals of this tea are powered by liquid extracts that reduce extra flab or fats and other blemishes of the skin. One may also use the residuals of this tea to treat dark circles, to remove dead skin and germs from one’s skin.You may also opt for flavoured versions of this beverage should you do not quite appreciate the bland taste that its regular version comes with.

There are indeed a ton of flavoursome versions of green tea to choose from and some of them come with benefits of lemon, ginger, and other natural plants. Its truckload of benefits and positive attributes are some of the sane reasons why we remarked above that a cup of green tea continues to serve you long after you have consumed it.

Always Choose the Premium Quality of Green Tea for Best Results

Always choose the premium quality of green tea for best results

It is important to consider a very important caveat here- the marketplace is full of dubious sellers who sell inferior quality teas with zero benefits. You would be best advised to select a reputed brand that offers you the expertise of premium green tea so you could avail of its benefits.

Such brands are available through a consistent network of online and offline sellers, and you may thus purchase this tea from such channels.

One such provider of top-notch premium green tea is Mevolife. It offers its premium green teas in three different segments: slimming, energy and anti-stress. They cater to the three most sought-after categories that a buyer looks for in this beverage and seldom finds. You may find their attributes below:

  • Available in takeaway packs of 100 grams each.

  • A fresh blend of unbroken (whole) green tea leaves

  • Rich in oxidants and immunity boosters

  • Premium blend of therapeutic herbs, spices, and natural ingredients

  • Packed with zero calories and fats

A special mention is reserved for Mevofit’s Anti-Stress Green Tea. It comes with a unique blend of unbroken tea leaves and a sweet floral aroma that calms you down, relieves sleeplessness, and improves brain function. This floral aroma comes from a specially designed preparation process that locks the natural floral fragrance and all the goodness of the constituents.

Get Going with Your First Cup of Green Tea Today!

Get going with your first cup of green tea today!

A cup of green tea is usually like nothing else when taken as the first thing in the morning. It is a positive alternative to coffee that may have adverse effects as the first bedside beverage because of its typical caffeine content that may leave some people jittery.

The green tea is packed with a ton of benefits to the hilt and its endearing benefits to the liver, skin, and psyche are just icing on the cake!

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