From Coffee to Green Tea: The First 30 Days

“Today’s good mood is sponsored by coffee.”

Is this the advertisement that rings in your mind when you wake up? Or more precisely, it is the first thing that comes to your mind when you wake up in the morning (or even some other time of the day)? Chances are you love having your cup of coffee more than anything else and you may consider me in your boat. Or at least, I was until a month back.

That was when I switched to green tea. I haven’t switched back to coffee ever since.

Benefits of Coffee

Benefits of coffee

Credit where it is due. I have always been a fitness enthusiast with a deep, hidden love for early morning workouts. Usually, I also join my high-intensity workouts with a 5k run with a frequency of three runs every week. This becomes possible when I start my day with a cup of coffee just as I leave my bed.

I have noticed several benefits of having coffee the first thing in the morning:

1. It helps me energize faster

2. It pumps up my blood pressure and blood sugar levels

3. Helps me burn extra fat faster

4. It speeds up my metabolism

5. It offers some essential nutrients

6. It reduces sleepiness

7. It helps me focus and stay alert

8.It reduces the risk of Type 2 Diabetes

9. It brightens up my mood

There are in fact a lot of positives of drinking coffee every day and I might just run out of space today. But the discussion today is about the changes that I have seen in myself after I switched to a premium green tea last month. Even though I love having coffee, I am not going back to it because I find this water-based and caffeine-free natural drink of more help to me.

Switching from Coffee to Green Tea

Switching from coffee to green tea

What will happen if I drink green tea for a month?

I did cut down my intake of coffee rather slowly because I knew that any drastic step would only come back to hurt me. At first, it seemed outright impossible but I was able to ride it. The key is to go with a premium green or herbal tea (or more precisely, its variant) for the best results.

I have seen several changes over the last month as I switched to green tea from coffee. These relate to my physical and mental wellbeing, and my fitness levels too have seen a huge improvement. My gym trainer too asked me if I had taken any new health supplements, I laughingly told him that it was a secret that I would rather keep to myself.

Here’s the transformation I experienced in 30 days after quitting coffee:

1. There was a huge decrease in caffeine levels in my body in the first few days alone

2. It also helped me have better sleep and a more relaxed mind.

3. My anxiety levels too decreased (I was consulting a mental therapist online for quite some time)

4. I had replaced caffeine with the more natural minerals

5. My weight-loss profile is now better

6. There was a huge improvement in my oral hygiene (including bad breath and toothaches)

7. My body has a better count of antioxidants and blood oxygen

8. I guess I have a better and stronger immune system

9. My skin has become a lot more flawless and shiny now

10. My metabolism rate (and fat burning rate) is more balanced now

11. I can now have something early morning that offers a gradual spike in energy levels

12. My kidneys seem to be in better shape now

You too can expect the same benefits, although in different measures, by making a switch. We recommend checking with a nutritionist to know more about how you can make a smoother transition to better eating and drinking habits.

Is It Ok to Drink Green Tea Every Day?

Is it ok to drink green tea every day?

It is indeed okay to have less than three to four cups of green tea every day.

The key is not to overdo the habit of drinking green tea every day. Drinking more than three or four cups of this all-natural caffeine-free beverage could lead you to insomnia and jitteriness. You can surely assume that it could lead to diarrhea, stomach disorders, irregular blood pressure levels, and other health issues. It is wise to stay away from an overdose.

Caution: Do Not Stop Consuming Coffee All of a Sudden

How to cut down on coffee the right way?

How to cut down on coffee the right way?

Several wellness experts advise that you should cut down on this caffeine-rich beverage in a slow and calculated manner. You may have up to two cups of coffee every day and then aim to bring it down to zero over the next three weeks. This could be harder if you are addicted to this drink. You can also add more milk and water to your coffee if you have always preferred having the darker variants so far.

Some psychological tricks to resist the urge would include not buying coffee anymore, increase your workout patterns, distract yourself when you have an urge for drinking it, or try to sleep. Having a balanced diet and eating fruits or natural juices will help you cope with the switch in a faster and better manner. Slowly, you would get over your need (read: addiction) to have coffee every day.

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