Partner Up: Why a Workout Buddy Matters?

Are you looking out for a way to double your weight loss results? Something that can automatically create space for workouts in your busy schedules? A technique which can actually make exercising fun and exciting? It may all sound too good to be true, but it has been proven time and again that the right workout buddy can do all this and much more!

Having a workout buddy can actually create a difference in how you see success and failures in terms of fitness goals. Just in case you are not a self-motivated starter, the chances of sticking to a long a terms plan without a partner are significantly lower than they are with a partner.

Check out How Exactly You Can Benefit and Boost up Your Weight Loss Process by Exercising with a Buddy:

Helps you achieve fitness goals faster

A study was conducted in Stanford University which explicated that receiving an inquiry call about how much exercise was done in the past week, how the level of exercise could be increased the following week and etc., boosted up the level of exercising by at least 78%.

The simple takeaway from the study is that social support really helps to keep you charged up for achieving the goals. When you workout with a buddy – you’re definitely going to be more regular for your workouts, and the more consistent, the sooner you’re going to achieve your fitness goals.

Makes you familiar with various workouts

Makes you familiar with various workouts

Variety is the key to the maintenance of interests and you are more likely to stick to your workouts when you do new things. Owing to the difference in skills and knowledge between you and your workout buddy you are likely to benefit from this by the different exercises they introduce you to, the correct form, new workouts, and different ways of being active.

Increased commitment

When working out with a partner, you make plans for workouts week in advance to satisfy the schedules of each other. Once you have planned and noted them down it becomes much harder to cancel the regime which ultimately makes you more committed towards them!

Motivation & Support

For many people having someone around the corner is like a huge motivation to work with dedication towards the end goals. Having a workout buddy is likely to boost up your commitment and confidence level towards your fitness goals!

Competition: A desire to perform better

Competition: A desire to perform better

Healthy competition proves to be really good to motivate you to perform better. This has also been proved by a study which indicates that individuals are likely to exercise better when they are paired up with a partner who is fitter than they are.

The study also highlighted that your workout buddy should be at least 40% better than you are. There is always a competition inside you to perform better as nobody likes to be the weakest link!

Workouts become fun

If you have fun while doing exercises you are more likely to look forward to and be more committed towards them. There’s no doubt that the right workout buddy is the perfect key to make workouts fun & interesting. Working out socially with encouragement and motivation is far better in terms of results, commitment, and dedication than working out alone.

Keeps you balanced

Keeps you balanced

As soon as you tend to see the results of your weight loss activities you are likely to get overconfident and in that zone might even forget the amount of dedication and commitment your goals require. A good partner will acknowledge your achievements but at the same time keeps you grounded by constantly pushing you to do better.

Celebrate your success

Set weekly goals with your workout partner and celebrate after you’ve met those goals on don’t forget the punishment for delays. Celebrating your progress alone isn’t as much fun as it is with a partner. Take a day off and celebrate if you do good and push yourself harder for the next week if you don’t.

Overall, the major crux of the discussion of this topic can be summed up as – having a good workout buddy is going to propel you much further towards your fitness goals, much faster than in comparison of working for it alone!

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