Beginners Guide: Resistance Band Exercises for Toning the Booty

Working out is good for your body, great for your health, and can be lots of fun. But what if you don’t have enough time or money to get a gym membership? This is just where booty band resistance workouts come in to help you get a lead and they can be done just as easily at home as in the gym.

Made of high-quality rubber loops, booty bands are stretchable bands that can be used to create more resistance on some body parts while doing exercises like squats, lunges, and stretches. Fitness experts recommend using them for inner thighs, legs, and glutes, or to develop the core.

They may sound overly complicated or tough but the fact is just the other way around. These exercises are a lot of fun and can be done indoors under expert guidance as per the time available. We recommend you consult a fitness expert online to do them the right way.

Free Guide: Resistance Bands Exercises for Beginners

Our free guide for doing resistance band training would help you tone your lower midsection-like butts and upper thighs faster. These exercises can be done by men and women of all age groups, and you’d only require three steps to get going with them.

You may do any number of fitness exercises from these basic postures that we shall discuss next.

Here are some simple and easy ways to prepare yourself mentally and physically to start working on the process of toning your lower body. This would include working out on your thighs and butts. One may note that it is usually hard to lose the flab in the lower body and that’s why discipline is so important.

Warm Up

A warm-up is essential to all exercises. It gets the blood moving, improves the heart rate, and helps you prevent injury. It is better to start every workout with a 2- to 5-minute warm-up. Here is a free resource you can check out to begin with them now.

Air Squats

Stand with your feet a little wider than your hips. Send your hips back like you’re trying to sit down in a chair. Keep your weight in your heels and your knees in line with your ankles, and sit back as far as you can. Pause at the bottom, then stand up, squeezing your seat at the top. Start your workout with 3 sets of 10 air squats.

Arm Circles

Now it’s time to warm up the upper body. Start rotating your arms in large circular motions. Move faster and faster until you feel your heart rate start to pick up. Do this for one minute. It is also important to press yourself a little beyond when your arms start hurting.

next discuss the harder way ahead.

What are some common resistance loop band exercises?

resistance band training exercise

Here are some of the most common and easiest of all resistance loop band exercises that you can do at home. They would help you to gain muscles and burn some extra flab by doing these exercises. The key is to stay committed to your fitness goals, especially if you are a beginner.

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The idea during each of these exercises is to keep the intensity up. You should be out of breath and working hard the whole time. For this workout, use a 15-12-9 pattern. First, do 15 repetitions of each exercise, then do a round of 12 for each exercise, a round of 9, and you’re finished!

Here are some common resistance loop band exercises for beginners of all age groups:


Burpees is the exercise that you love to hate because it is so difficult but so effective. Start in standing. Bend your knees and put your palms on the ground. Jump back into a plank position. Bend your arms until you are lying flat on the ground. Now push back up into the plank, jump your feet back in between your hands, stand up straight, and jump. Repeat.

Jumping lunges

doing lunges for toning butts

Start outstanding. Take a big step forward with your right foot, sinking into a lunge. Now, from this lunge position, jump up and switch your legs midair, landing in a lunge position with your left foot forward. If this is too challenging, just switch lunges without jumping.


This common exercise is popular for good reason. If done correctly, push-ups are a fantastic workout for your whole body. Come to the plank position, with your hands slightly wider than your elbows. Squeeze the muscles in your legs, seat, and abs. Now bend your elbows so that they go backward at a 45-degree angle. Lower yourself almost to the ground. Push yourself back up.

What Is An Upper Body Resistance Band Workout?

How to do upper body resistance band workout

Wondering if ‘resistance bands can also be used for the upper body?’ Yes, it can be used to tone the upper midsection and chest too, provided you do it through a set of workouts. Please note that this workout regime is meant for the more advanced or experienced fitness professionals and should be done under expert guidance.

Here are the steps:

1. Tie the resistance band around your feet.

2. Stretch the band with your hands up to your elbow.

3. Now spread the movement sideways, as if to stretch the band to either side of your body.

4. Repeat in sets.

The Best Upper Body Workouts for Men and Women: Using a Resistance Band

There are three major exercises that experienced fitness professionals can do to improve their upper bodies. They are Front Raise, Lateral Raise, and Seated Rear Fly.

1. Front Raise:

a. Stand on the band.

b. Grab the handles and bring them up to your chest height.

c. Lower them down to your thighs.

d. If you are comfortable with it, bring the band up even higher up to your shoulders.

e. Lower them down to your thighs.

f. Repeat in sets.

2. Lateral Raise:

a. It is half the exercise above but offers twice the results.

b. Stand on the band with one leg and keep the other leg out of the way.

c. Now stretch part of the band with your right leg and the other with your left hand.

d. Bring it up to the level of your left shoulder.

e. Repeat in sets of three.

f. Repeat the same for the other leg and hand.

g. Repeat in sets of three.

3. Seated Rear Fly:

a. Sit straight.

b. Fix one part of the resistance band with your feet.

c. Hold the other part of the band with your.

Benefits: Why should beginners also opt for full-body resistance band workouts?

benefits of full body resistance band workouts

A full-body resistance band workout may not offer all the benefits of doing gym-based workouts, but it can still help you develop strength and a lean frame. Here are the benefits that can help you consider it:

1. Requires very little investment into equipment

2. Better efficiency and results

3. Higher adrenaline rush

4. Can be made more challenging

5. Helps in faster weight loss

6. Helps in developing leaner muscles

7. Boosts metabolism

8. Increases fat burn or calorie burn rate

9. Increases flexibility

10. Only a little bit of expert guidance is needed

Disadvantages of full-body resistance training exercises:

There are some disadvantages of doing full-body resistance exercises on a routine, especially if they are being done improperly. Here are some of them:

1. These exercises are sensitive to your angular motion.

2. The strength developed depends on the band quality

3. It cannot help with flexibility and strength after some time

4. You may get hurt if the band breaks (though it usually does not happen)

Get started with your first booty resistance workout today!

The three booty band exercises (mentioned above) are specifically put together to hit all the major muscle groups in your body. You’ll work your legs, seat, abs, and arms, all in under 15 minutes. This quick at-home workout is effective and easy to do even in a small space.

As a conclusion to our free guide of resistance training, we recommend that you do not forget to spend the first 5 to 10 minutes after your workout to cool yourself down and to contain the steam. This would help your body acclimatize itself to the heavy energy output and hold the steam for longer!

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