Shoes for Weight Loss - Do They Actually Work?

Whether your workout involves running, walking, sports or gym equipment, a decent sport shoe is a must. Not only taking proper care to find the right shoes improves the effectiveness of your workout but it also keeps injuries and accidents at bay.

Further, the boost in the weight loss process owing to the right shoe selection helps in encouraging lifetime weight loss by making exercise more fun and less painful. The following tips will help you identify the right type of shoes, their benefits, and tips to keep in mind before shoe selection along with other related details.

Types of Shoes

It is important to choose the shoes on the basis of the your workout type. A variety of sport shoes are available in the market for every type of exercise, like:-

a) Lightweight and shock absorbing shoes for aerobics as they help to prevent foot fatigue and cushion the ball of the foot, which is put under pressure from aerobic exercise thus increasing your endurance.

b) Shoes with inbuilt shockers for running & jogging as they can lessen the impact of your step and cushion the foot from heavy landings.

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c) Shoes with flexible soles for tennis for protecting your feet from the quick side-to-side movements of the game.

d) Thick-soled & high top basketball shoes to provide extra protection against ankle and foot injuries caused by jumping.

e) Cross training shoes are suitable if you perform a number of sport or exercise types in your workout.

Benefits of Proper Shoes

The right shoes are very important in order to foster and promote better exercising as they improve the workout efficiency. Apart from this, some of the other major contributions of proper shoes for workouts includes improving your overall performance and protecting you from injuries like like ankle strains, fractures, bunions, corns, etc.

Further, right shoes can lessen the impact of your step and cushion the foot from heavy landings and also helps to keep the “Metatarsalgia”, a condition which presents as pain in the ball of the foot, at bay.

Things to Keep in Mind before Shoes Selection


1. Forget fashion & trends while choosing your training shoes; rather go for comfort.

2. Have your foot professionally measured at the shoe store every time you go shopping. Our feet change as we get older, and having your feet professionally measured will ensure you’re getting the best fit.

3. Look for shoes that have a firm heel, solid support and are light weight.

4. Make sure that you are wearing the right socks with the right shoes for better support.

5. If you plan to participate in a sport, it is advised invest in a pair of shoes specific to that sport (e.g. basketball or tennis shoes).

When to Replace?


Worn out sport shoes do not provide your feet with adequate protection during your workout. As per the studies and reports of Michigan State University Extension, running shoes should be replaced after every 350 to 500 miles. If you run 20 miles a week, this means you should replace your shoes every 20 to 25 weeks.

Take care of your feet during exercise and your feet will thank you! Not only will you lose weight fast, because you are more comfortable while exercising, you will also learn to love exercise more, because it hurts less.

So now its time to invest in a pair of training shoes that will keep your feet free of injury and full of support for every workout and establish the types of habits that will help you lose weight for life.

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