6 Step Daily Detox Plan!

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Nia 02 Dec, 2019

We are all living in a hectic world where everyone is just busy rushing through deadlines. This adds to less than advised eating and sleeping patterns, and the aftereffects of the same are further affected by environmental toxins, lack of fitness, shortage of nutritious food and pure drinking water, and binge eating. These bad effects do affect us on a physical and psychological level and this is why most wellness experts advise us to go for a 6-day detox plan.

A 6-day cleanse diet could be a good way to put your metabolism back in the hunt. The human body is designed to detoxify or cleanse itself every day through organs like the gut, kidneys, skin, liver, and lungs. The trouble is when these organs get overworked and need some help from our side to keep their functioning at an optimum level.

When detoxing is done in a healthy and safe manner, it can remove toxins from your body, improve immunity, slow down aging, increase energy, make the skin cleaner, and help you lose weight faster. You can thus also count on a reduction in your BMI and a more positive self-image in a short time. However, it is better to consult a nutritionist before you start off with such a focused diet plan.

6-Day Detox Plan

6-day detox plan

A six day detoxification plan aims to clear your body (especially your digestive system) of all the unwanted wastes and poisonous materials in your body. The liver is most affected by a buildup of these toxins and once it starts to clear up, it also helps other organs get back to their proper functionality.

It is important to aim to eat and drink those foods that can help you cleanse yourself. You should also decide to stay away from binge or emotional eating and to rather use your energy in doing some fitness challenges or yoga exercises under an experienced trainer.

Here is an easy 6-step detox that you can incorporate into your daily routine:

Drink plenty of water:

Drink plenty of water

The human body is made up of 60-75% water. Drinking water is the easiest and the best way to detox. What you’re essentially doing is helping your kidneys flush out waste from your body. The aim should be to drink eight 8-oz glasses of water a day.

Staying well hydrated also does wonders for your skin and helps weight loss by keeping hunger pangs at bay. It can also quicken the pace of your metabolism process by drawing out the toxins at a much faster rate than usual.

Work up a sweat:

If you’re spending all your time in an air-conditioned environment, you’re missing out on a natural way to detox. Sweating is one of the body’s primary ways of getting rid of toxins and dissipating excess heat. Make sure you perspire when you exercise (something like a 7-minute workout could help you).

Spend some time outdoors. If you have access to a sauna, use it to get those beads of sweat rolling and expel those toxins from your system.

Take a deep breath:

Take a deep breath

Poor posture and bad breathing habits keep our lungs from inhaling enough oxygen and expelling all the carbon dioxide. Try some yogic deep breathing exercises, preferably in the fresh air, to expel toxins via the aerial route.

Go organic:

Are you aware of how much of your food comes out of cans, bottles, and boxes? Any food that is processed in a factory has chemicals, preservatives, and additives that accumulate in our bodies. Organically grown food is free from pesticides.

For a natural way to detox, cut down on processed foods. Make fruits and vegetables a big portion of your diet – their high fiber content helps regulate the bowels and flush out toxins via the digestive system.

Spice it up:

Turmeric, cumin, cloves, mustard, ginger, garlic, saffron, red pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, and cilantro are an inherent part of Indian cuisine. They also happen to be excellent detox spices that are antioxidants and help the liver drive out toxins from our bodies. Use these traditional Indian ingredients in healthy recipes to help your body detox.

Strike a pose:

Strike a pose

The systematic stretching and compressing of muscles in yoga stimulate the circulatory, digestive, and lymph systems of the body and helps them to cleanse and detox. In fact, exercise of any kind helps the body get rid of unwanted and poisonous elements by breathing, sweating, circulating, and stretching.

How to Detox Body for Weight Loss?

Here’s how you can go for cleansing or detoxifying your body for a faster weight loss experience. A popular wellness expert may put together a simple plan for you. It could be related to a changed way of having your foods and drinks every day to reduce the load on your body and thus help you shed some flab faster.

1. Breakfast

  • Have some lukewarm water.

  • Drink a glass of fresh vegetable juice.

PS: You can also go for cumin water for a faster cleaning experience.

2. Lunch

  • Another glass of fresh vegetable juice.

  • Have some salads with dressings.

3. Dinner

  • Fill your plate with vegetables, at least four different types (either in a salad or steamed).

  • Use a simple homemade dressing of olive oil, lemon or lime juice and crushed garlic.

  • For more flavor, add in a generous handful of fresh chopped herbs.

  • Have a simple salad with homemade dressing or some lightly cooked vegetables, brown rice or quinoa and a piece of grilled fish or organic chicken.

4. Evening Snack

  • Have some fruits.

  • Have another glass or two of warm water.

Note: The above 6-day detox plan is taken from shefit.com.

Special Case: A Sugar Detox Plan

If you have a sugar tooth, chances are your obesity is showing it. You could be gaining weight, your blood pressure and blood sugar levels could be becoming irregular, and your kidneys might be operating under a bit of load. We would recommend you to go for a medical checkup as soon as possible.

If you are looking to cut down on your sugar intake and its aftereffects, here’s how you can get started:

6 Step Daily Detox Plan!
  • Avoid sugary drinks, canned foods, and junk foods, and desserts

  • Avoid sweet foods and sauces

  • Reduce intake of fatty and oily foods

  • Go for whole grains

  • Eat probiotic foods

It is also important to drink enough water every day so you could maintain a proper balance of sugar in your blood. This would also help you drive out any excess glucose out of your body and thus help you stay in shape. This is the simplest way to detox one’s body and thus to achieve faster weight loss.

It’s Time to Cleanse Yourself of Toxins

You should try these simple detoxing techniques to cleanse your body and restore its balance. You’ll feel more energetic, you’ll sleep better, you’ll look younger, and you’ll probably drop a few pounds in the bargain. The best thing is to commit yourself for a week for a simple 6-day detox plan as mentioned above, and you should aim to repeat them more often.

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