What to Eat or Drink before Going out for Running?

“One run can change your day, and one run every day could change your life.”

This is what motivated me to take running as a routine exercise pattern in 2011. It was a warm sunny evening and I had left for my gym as I ran into a former coach at another gym. He was an avid runner and asked me if I wanted to join him. Though I have always started my workouts with a proper warmup, I was never quite a fan of even jogging until that day.

What followed next changed my entire life. I came to know how important it is to go with this exercise to build one’s stamina and blood flow. Needless to say, eating a strong diet and maintaining a positive attitude for it has also helped me have better control over my other gym-based routine exercise plans. For the starters, just 30 minutes of running helps me burn about 300-400 calories.

Benefits of Running Every Day

Several fitness experts believe that running is by far the easiest and least complicated of all routine aerobic exercises to do. It offers a lot of health benefits related to one’s physical and emotional sides, and they only accrue with more time and discipline over a period of time.

What To Eat Or Drink Before Going Out For Running?

Tip: One should start with some warmup, stretching, jogging, and brisk walking before starting with the sprinting process.

Here are some reasons why running is so beneficial to you:

1. Helps build stronger muscles and bones

2. Makes you immune to sprains and minor injuries

3. Takes you out of your comfort zone

4. Does not require any elaborate setup of equipment

5. Improves your heart and lungs

6. Helps you burn excess fat

Helps you burn excess fat

7. Helps you maintain a lower BMI

8. Reduce bad cholesterol, unclogs heart arteries

9. Helps you have stronger knees and ankles

10. Helps you eat and sleep better

11. Improves cognitive functions

12. Reduces the risk of sudden heart ailments and diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

13. Reduces the onset of many cancers

14. Reduces depressions and improves your outlook towards life

15. Regulates blood sugar and blood oxygen levels

16. It assimilates neatly with your current fitness plans and helps you get the most of them

17. Can be done by people of any age

We are next taking up the process that you should follow to make sprinting or even jogging a regular part of your fitness plans in 2021+. It is a simplistic but effective list of do’s and don’ts that you can follow to have a better experience while running.

What to Eat before Running in the Morning?

What to eat before running in the morning?

Our virtual fitness experts ask you to go with a nutritious diet and drink enough water every day to keep up with your daily requirements. This does not mean that you should not eat potatoes or pastries just because they are considered “fatty” (unless advised otherwise by your doctor or fitness trainer).

Here are the foods you can eat before going running:

1. Foods low on Glycemic Index

2. High-protein foods

3. Avocadoes and Quinoa

4. Oats, oatmeal, wholegrain toasts,

5. Eggs and granola

6. Lean meat

7. Smoothies


8. Energy bars and pancakes

9. Bananas

10. Fruit salad

11. Yogurt

12. Fruit juice

13. Low fat cottage cheese

14. Glucose

15. Some peanut butter on multigrain bread

(Source: BBC Foods)

The above list of foods also stands duplicated for what you should eat before running a 5k race. Do remember that you should not eat empty stomach because it is an energy-intensive exercise that does take a lot out of you, and if you are not prepared enough, you are sure to hurt yourself badly.

Foods for Runners to Avoid

Foods for runners to avoid

It is just as important to stick to a strict food diet as you would do with any other aerobic or anaerobic exercise. The following a list of foods that you should stay away from if you are planning to start running and to develop leaner muscles.

1. Foods rich in fiber

2. Cream and fatty foods

3. Medications

4. Energy or alcoholic drinks

5. Deep-fried foods

6. Frozen or sugary desserts

It is also important to not eat too heavy foods just before you are going sprinting or running. This is especially true for those planning to run early morning because this is the time when your digestive system or your metabolic rate is not at its best, and anything you eat would take its own time to get into your bloodstream.

What To Eat Or Drink Before Going Out For Running?

The Key Is to Be Consistent with Your Sprints!

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